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  1. lift spring assist

    here is a pic...
  2. Snow thrower rotation

    I have both the 6-1211 and 6-2211blowers, and they have both idler sprockets. The 6-2211 blower seized the bearings on the auger shaft last winter... I did a complete rebuild on it this summer, welded/re-ground the shaft, new bearings and sprockets. McMaster-Carr has the idler sprocket for $25 mail order. They also have a sprocket that can be used on the auger shaft....just cut the old one off, cut the new one to proper ID for the auger, and weld it back on. Cheaper and easier than finding a new/used auger!!!!
  3. Snowthrower repair help needed

    I just rebuilt my old 68 37" snowblower....model 6-1211....bought most of my parts from McMaster-Carr (online). If it helps......idler sprocket #6663K41, drive sprocket #6280K683, drive pulley #6204K292, drive chain #6261K173, and the sprocket for the auger is #2299K34. I took the auger to a machine shop, had them cut the welds on the old sprocket, and the new one can be bored to fit the auger shaft and re-welded....$20.00 labor for replacing the sprockete was well worth it!! I also replaced bearings, but I don't have those numbers handy....
  4. snow blower belt routing

    The outer groove would give you more power for heavy snow....but the old 68 Charger and blower I use shows the belt on the inside groove, with the throttle almost full open....worked that way excellent for more than 40 years now.....I sometimes run that same blower on the 2000 314, and set it up the same way.
  5. Snowblower Fitment

    not all blowers need the front attachment....my 68 Charger has a hole in the frame that a 3/8 rod and bushings on the blower uses to mount the unit. I modified it to also fit my 2000 314-8 by making a shaft to replace the bushing/rod assembly...when you remove the bushings, the hole is the proper size for a shaft to use the front attachment point.
  6. Clutch pedal is locked

    found a clutch spring for my 314.... Home Depot #170 439 for $3.97.... works perfect!!! FYI - specs are 5/8" x 8 1/2" x .080"
  7. Snow Blower Belt routing pics

    in response to changing the belt... i just remove two of the three bolts and loosen the third bolt that holds the flange bearing behiind the pulley. this creates enough "play" to move the pulley away from the housing and remove/replace the belt.
  8. 2 horses are better than one

    i keep both my horses ready for snow..... 1968 Charger 9 with snow blower and/or grader blade (Dad bought it new in 1968, still earning it's keep with me!) 314-8 with snow blade for windy days and clean-up