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  1. Pick up one more

    I might be banned for saying this here, but.... While the 702 is really cool, that Sears looks really nice! I wouldn't mind having that...
  2. 1533 Bearings?? No problem

    Ok, I see what's meant by "pull the seals and install" now. The bearings themselves have seals in them when you purchase them, and those need to be removed before installing.
  3. The Tractor Supply store in Montpelier, VT is hosting a garden tractor pull this Saturday. Pull starts at noon. I'll be bringing 3 WH's along with others, and will try to get better results with them than mid pack like last time. I will post any pics I get...
  4. 1533 Bearings?? No problem

    That's my point. The description makes it sound like you just pull the seals and you can replace the bearings. Actually, you don't have to remove the seals to replace the bearing (assuming they are ok).
  5. 1533 Bearings?? No problem

    The description reads.... Just remove the seals and install! That's not been my experience. I had to split the case in order to get to the bearings... But yeah, thanks for making these available.
  6. Pull in Canterbury, NH

    The wife took some pictures, so here are the ones she got of the 's... This is Todd. He ended up 3rd. Here I am on the Raider trying to keep the front from getting to high... This is Brycen on his very first pull. He had carb trouble, so finished last in the class.
  7. I just read through this thread, and what you done here is really amazing!! I showed a friend your muddy pic, and he just about fell on the floor on account he was laughing so hard
  8. I just seen that Carlisle came out with a new tire (at least I hadn't seen them before last night). They're called Turf Smart. Kinda looks like a cross between the Turf Master and Turf Saver....
  9. Ugly Seat Contest

    That's definitely one seat I won't sit on!!!
  10. Pull in Canterbury, NH

    It was a really hot day yesterday, with temps reaching over 90 degrees (tied a record in Concord NH on this date at 94 degrees) Still had 42 tractors show up, and looked to me that everyone had fun. The little Lawn Ranger ended up 6th out of 12 tractors in it's class, and the Raider ended up 8th out of 16 entries. So mid pack results for the WH's on this day...
  11. 23 X 9.50-12 tire ?

    I'd contact Goodyear and see if there's a warranty on them....
  12. Whoever did that resto... did a FANTASTIC job!!! I especially like how the aluminum wheels set off the red...
  13. Pull in Canterbury, NH

    I'm hosting a Sugar Hill Snubbers pull at my house in Canterbury, NH if anyone in the area is interested in attending. Address is 13 Scales Road. Pull starts at 10 am. We having a potluck for lunch. Bring a chair and your favorite drink. I will be running at least 2 Wheel Horses. The Lawn Ranger on the right front has a Briggs 18hp L block, and runs in the 8" 750lb class. In the back is a Raider 14 also running a Briggs 18hp L block, and runs in the 12" 1000lb class.
  14. K181 Governor operation

    Have you checked the throttle shaft? If the shaft is loose and wobbly, it will allow air to enter and change the air/fuel mixture making the motor run erratic. Also, make absolute sure the points are set correctly. I've dealt with a couple engines that seemed to have carb issues, but setting the points correctly fixed them.