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  1. Had the 56 Ride Away SR out this weekend

    Seem that you look better every time isee you nice rig Glad your still at it, unclebo
  2. Round Hoods went up

    John nice job on storage guess you arn't going to use them only for parades or wallpaper. Looking good Unclebo
  3. Binghamton,NY 13795 to New Milford, CT or South Albany?

    Steve call and maybe we can get some help from uncle frank Uncle BO
  4. :wh: steve, just got back on the square and i've seen the lites before got to use them "POP "is proud as he would say atta boy "rocky" Uncle BO :dunno:
  5. d 250 renault engine

    They were renault engines if there is a foreign parts yard they were dependable engines the car was a dauphine you can possibly do a search that way. As a old friend of mine said he may have one in the woods as a spare for the engine. :thumbs2:
  6. Did some organization in the garage today

    steve, you do work hard, please give me a call asap unclebo :banghead:
  7. Stevebo's New Horse Hauler ....

    steve that is a fine looking truck,it will serve you fine goog luck :thumbs:
  8. I couldn't help myself!

    Ken, beautiful was that ed's truck? best of luck I know you have good taste all the GM guy's have to stay togeather :beer Unclebo
  9. new member from s.w. ohio

  10. Naive

    Good to see you here Comcast is good and fast! unclebo :thumbs:
  11. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday ALL and timbo also UncleBo>Dad :thumbs:
  12. New to RS

    :thumbs: you found a great bunch of guy's and gal's :ROTF:
  13. New Member

  14. newbie hello

    :D Kevin your in the group of PROS. :D
  15. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to All Red Square Members And Family UncleBo