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  1. I tried to downsize

    I understand your problem/ how come they never say one has to go me or the WH
  2. I find if you can't fix it with duct tape or a hammer it is an electric problem
  3. Wheel horse 1056 won’t idle up

    Sounds like a definite fuel problem The first thing, is to try to run some sea foam in fresh gas and let it run a while it may clear out any lacquer built up. if that doesn't work and you are able to take the carb apart, first remove the fuel bowl see if there is any debris or water in it, Check the float adjustment, be sure there isn't any gas in the float. Remove the float and jet and any other jets( count the turns in till it is gently seated so you will be able to seat the jet again and turn it out the same amount of turns, don't screw it in tight or u will ruin the jet . I use carb cleaner in all the ports and passage holes in the carb. i use compressed air to blow out ports, Be sure not to blow out the main jet seat unless you are going to change it, always the air into the main jet from the inside of the carb. when installing the carb back on be sure all the gaskets are good or replace them, If it has been laying for a long time clean out the gas tank and be sure lines are clear. If you have a fuel pump take the line off the carb and place it in a can, then turn the engine over make sure it is pumping enough gas out. FYI - I always use sea foam mixed in my fuel for all my engines including my cars it keeps them running smooth. I hope i was some help to you Please let me know how you make out Thanks & Good Luck
  4. I have a 1976 Wheel Horse C120 With a Tecumseh  HH120-1201 80E with a solid state Magneto  ( No Points). Does anyone know how to set it. Is there a gap i need to set? never had one like this. I believe the part number is 151,173,26 5, 266 (20Amp.) Thank You / MNT

  5. Spark plug

    You don't get the shock from it comes from the coil/ you can ground the base of the plug to the engine have someone turn it over and look for spark . make sure it is grounded or you could be in store for another treatment. I would just get another plug, I had a plug showed spark, then when i put it in it shorted to the engine, was cracked inside it was a fluke that i saw it grounding it. good luck MNY
  6. I have a C120 W/H tractor, after about 1/2 hr it shuts down, I cleaned out the carb ( not dirty ) it has a Tecumseh engine with a 5001 Walbro fuel pump. It only quits when it gets hot , the line goes through the engine cover, kind of vapor lock.

    has anyone had this problem. I am in the process of changing the shutoff & Gromet shut off has a filter that looks rough.

    It will restart after a short stay but stops faster then first time. Thank You

  7. I have 42 " side discharge mower deck for my 1975 C120 Wheel Horse, I need a manual or diagram to install it. I need to know where to hook op the leveling rods it has an elertic piston lift to raise and lower the deck Thanks My NewToy
  8. 4 SPEED #5085 Trans rebuild Videos & Pics

    Hi Guy's:I have A 1975 W/H C120, Axel seal leaks I pulled of the hub ith no problem, doesn't seem to have a bearing problen ( no Slop Seems tight). I have worked on a lot of small engins, what i want to know is the best way to remove the old seal with out damaging the axel or ths housing. Any Ideas????? I am new here love this site. A neighbor gave me this tractor and i am rebuild it. I also have a MTD Yard mechine, it's really not as heavey duty. Thank You My New Toy
  9. Wiring harness. Does anyone make them?

    Thank You but i am looking for a c120 1974 to 77