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  1. I have 42 " side discharge mower deck for my 1975 C120 Wheel Horse, I need a manual or diagram to install it. I need to know where to hook op the leveling rods it has an elertic piston lift to raise and lower the deck Thanks My NewToy
  2. 4 SPEED #5085 Trans rebuild Videos & Pics

    Hi Guy's:I have A 1975 W/H C120, Axel seal leaks I pulled of the hub ith no problem, doesn't seem to have a bearing problen ( no Slop Seems tight). I have worked on a lot of small engins, what i want to know is the best way to remove the old seal with out damaging the axel or ths housing. Any Ideas????? I am new here love this site. A neighbor gave me this tractor and i am rebuild it. I also have a MTD Yard mechine, it's really not as heavey duty. Thank You My New Toy
  3. Wiring harness. Does anyone make them?

    Thank You but i am looking for a c120 1974 to 77