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  1. Wheel Horse 268H will not charge!?

    If this kohler has the plastic shroud then you need a ground wire from your regulator mounting screw to the block
  2. My 42" rear discharge deck from that era looked to have a tapered shaft at the top
  3. Simplicity 4108

    That disc rotor should come right off its on a splined shaft
  4. 18-K

    Don't forget the fire wrench
  5. Newer snowblower this one has the skids not wheels
  6. OOps, 520H did it again

    I had this happen on a 417 found that the cooling fan fins disappeared
  7. 800 Special ?

    They also built a A90 special in 1974 with the same set up only difference they used a hood from 1967 on the 1974 .Electric clutch was factory
  8. A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    This the measurements he can use i checked an 8.10,10.5,11,12,12.5 and a 13hp briggs flat head engines that are in my back shop have these exact measurements
  9. Thanks for your replies
  10. Want to know how you folks apply your decals mainly the hood decals that are long.Have any of you folks used windex?
  11. A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Pretty sure you can repower with an 11hp or 12 hp.
  12. Yay for my Napa Green PTO belt

    You can sure tell that chunk of wood has been lodged in there for a bit
  13. K341 Issues

  14. no spark

    TSC switch won't work in your horse