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  1. A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Pretty sure you can repower with an 11hp or 12 hp.
  2. Yay for my Napa Green PTO belt

    You can sure tell that chunk of wood has been lodged in there for a bit
  3. K341 Issues

  4. no spark

    TSC switch won't work in your horse
  5. Possible 701 Score

    Yep should be at my place.
  6. I would start by checking your valve adjustments.If not valves could be starter or compression release
  7. Carburator

    The after markets i have purchased have to big of a hole where the throttle linkage hooks

    John. Wildman
  9. New Toys

    Great score
  10. Kohler Engine Size

    10,12 and 14hp have 9 head bolts and 16hp has 10 head bolts
  11. additive in gas

    Marinas have non ethanol fuel and some gas stations to Try this https://www.buyrealgas.com/Ohio.html
  12. I give up the suspense is killing me
  13. My first wheel horse

    Nice looking rig
  14. Farm Auction find

    That ole rig looks good for its age