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  1. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    yes, forgot to mention it. I used startup spray but it is possible that carb might have some oily stuff inside...
  2. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    Didn't start... Cleaned fueltank Changed fuelline Added fuelfilter Fresh fuel I think problem might be fuel pump, should test that next. Are there spares availble for that? Hood off Carb close-up Carburator serial no. Scary cutterbar
  3. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    Got to the Horse this weekend. Engine turns by hand so I borrowed battery from a lawnmower. Tried to start with startermotor, that works also. Sparkplug gives a spark. Fueltank had some old fuel in it, smelled and looked funny. There was also some dirt in the tank so I emptied it. Fuel line didn't look good so gonna replace that. The drivebelt (?) from engine to gearbox is looking very dry and cracked. If I get the engine running, I think I'll try to get a belt from local machineshop. Pics of trailer and cutterbar coming soon...
  4. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    Thanks for the comments. Tractor is at my uncles place and I haven't been there for a while. Hope to get there in a week or two. Kohler manual says sparkplug is Champion RJ8C. I guess this is old type and might not be available. Any recommendations for a new sparkplug?
  5. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    Thank you all! This forum was a great find with all the information you have put together. I spent couple of hours yesterday reading restoration threads, they are excellent. I was also happy to notice that there are lots of parts available for these old things. Reading the manuals, I was suprised how many attachable things were available. Like lawnmower, snowplow and all other things you might need in a garder or on a field. We have a cutterthingy (need to find correct name for it) that is mounted in front of the tractor. I believe it is for cutting long hay. Then we also have trailer. Forgot to take pictures of it...
  6. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    Here is a picture of the ID plate: Engine was K181S, S meaning electric start?
  7. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    Thanks Guys! I noticed from pictures that original muffler shorter and round. I think my next agenda is to find out the condition of the engine. It has been stored in a shed in sea climate, so there is a chance that cylinder and piston might be rusty. Is there a way to find out that without taking the engine apart? Take the sparkplug out and try to peek in?
  8. 1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    Hello, New member from Finland. I have been thinking about fixing my grandfathers old Commano 8, so that's how I found this forum. It hasn't been used for about 20-25 years. It is dirty and a bit rusty but I think all parts are still in place...