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  1. I'm looking for the idler assembly from a single stage blower. Its the one with a flat bar and two pulleys on either end and a smaller bar with a spring on it for tensioning. Looking for the actual assembly OR dimensions of one so I can build it.
  2. 6 6212 Snowblower

    Whe re are you located brian Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. 6 6212 Snowblower

    I'm looking for the idler assembly for a wheel horse blower...anyone have a drawing I can use to fab one? It looks simple.
  4. Any chance mine is going out soon ? I need to send you money for shipping
  5. Test panel lights

    Here is my 312..just finished semi restore
  6. Test panel lights

    Will do
  7. 310-8 Electrical and more?

    If u mean body sheet metal. ..no. you will need to remove the bracket
  8. Test panel lights

    Been out of the loop for a while. .old iron..you still willing to look at my board..ill send you the board, leds ..what would you charge?
  9. Good thread. ..and another question. What causes steering wheel rotational play? I'm getting about an inch or so of play before I get movement at the front tires. I suspect the lower pinion gear like the one pictured above. ..but I'm not sure. Is there a bearing at the end of the main steering rod with the rack that would cause this?
  10. 310-8 Electrical and more?

    Pto switches are inside the battery tray on the right side. Follow the pto engage arm to the inside of the tray. There will be a half moon steel plate attached to the pto arm...the switches mount to a small bracket on the tray and the actuation fingers ride of the half moon. . They are a common switch used for copiers etc. Should be easy to find.
  11. Test panel lights

    Meaning I know now. .after seeing your web link
  12. Test panel lights

    I won't. . To scared! But I know what side is positive and negative. Just no idea how to match to the board.
  13. Test panel lights

    So I got my new led bulbs in the mail today but I don't see a way to tell polarity on them side to side they look the same.
  14. Test panel lights

    Chuck I first started digging into the board soon after I bought it. .last week. ..because the lights didn't come on. After investigating I noticed two of the bulbs had broken leads. Those are the ones I replaced. I now have bulbs on order. I have been able to test the park brake switch light and just replaced the pto switches. ..they were crusty. You're correct I might have issues after you look at it but I guess at least id know the board was sound.
  15. Test panel lights

    Can I go to radio shack and ask for a 680 ohm resistor and get what is on my board? Sorry Chuck. .my stupidity Is starting to show through.