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  1. do you have a picture of how the lift cable hooks up from under the 953 i can not figure it out thank you

    1. hard worker

      hard worker

      i live in bordentown n.j.

  2. KT17 no spark

    Going from memory here which could be flawed... but I dimly recall FOUR OHMS on the primary...
  3. Need a fogger !!

    Yep, they're here! Boo also forgot Kudzu and both Chinese and Japanese Wisteria... The stink bugs are gonna have to wait, I've got the sprayer full of 'Crossbow' right now... going out to kill me some Wisteria first!
  4. Need a fogger !!

    No problem Ed! I'm ready and waiting for 'em... they'll be daid within 12 hours of arrival!
  5. 702 With Tranny Problem

    Shop could also probably braze up the missing material and rebore so you can use the same size bearing.
  6. 20 hp Kohler Commamd

    What model WH machine are you installing this on?
  7. Need a fogger !!

    I tried the vacuum cleaner... advise against it unless you want to have to fumigate the vacuum cleaner afterward. The smell eventually goes away, but plan on leaving it outdoors and open for a few days afterward!
  8. Need a fogger !!

    Ed, try www.domyownpestcontrol.com ... I've done business with them for several years... good prices, fast shipping.
  9. Need a fogger !!

    Stink bugs are tough critters... we had them here real bad 2 summers ago in NJ. Not as bad past 2, but they are still around. You won't get 'instant knock-down' of a stink-bug from any normal insectiside from the box stores... There is a product called 'cypermethrin' trade name "Demon WP" that I've used with good results. It still won't knock 'em out of the sky but give it a day or two and you'll be sweeping them up. You need to spray every crack and crevice they can hide in, and they can wiggle into some pretty small crevices... where they overwinter, to emerge again next spring.
  10. phosphoric acid

    Auto Body supply shop perhaps? As I recall DuPont used to sell it as a "Metal Conditioner". I'm guessing pricey too... It's available in 6 packs at the grocery store... labeled as Coca-Cola!
  11. Wheel Horse Virgin

    Glad it's working good! Without knowing what materials were used in that lining back in the day, I would probably advise against any grinding of it. Might have some of the "A" word in it....
  12. Was given a C-175 wheel horse

    Yes, there is a pump, but there's other things it could be too... it sat for 6 years ... maybe water in the tank? and also could be crud in the carb.
  13. Hood Poll

    I only own one... a blackhood... what I like about it is that I can throw a piece of plywood on top and it makes a dandy temporary work table! SACRILEGE!
  14. Wheel Horse 417A

    I'm puzzled by this... On my 175, and pretty much any of the others I've looked at, there is a few links of CHAIN that are between the deck and the 'rocker' arm that's connected to the hydro cylinder. When you go all the way down with the lever, the chain goes more or less slack. You can't 'push' a chain! Have you got something different?
  15. Lift cylinder repair kit

    That's what I would do also... in retrospect... but, there is at least one seal that you may not be able to get there, the 'wiper' seal that fits inside the opening that the shaft goes through. Unless really worn out, it can probably be re-used.