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    farm site for the present, hoping to find a nice building to store them
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    restoring the dependable oldies of yard/garden tractors( even if they are not a WH). i hate seeing them go to the junk yards to make some of the pieces of junk they do now

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  1. was going through my paint tonight

    the pin stripping on the wheel's sounds great. now i really have to get a camera so i can start documenting the work i do on my yard tractor's. that way i can post them from start to finish.
  2. sorry it has been a time since i got to you, Kelly. wondering if you may still have the rear discharge deck for the the WH. if so please let me know.looking to get over that way to visit family members in lansing around april


  3. Won't Crank - Safety device?

    i used to live in Lansing, MI. now in minnesota. the last i looked it up on the listings map. not many WHers here in the central MN area., unless a lot of them are playing hide-n-seek here
  4. wheel horse c165 16hp kohler

    if those dont settle it, try the points push rod coming out the side of the engine block. i had to replace the one in mine a while back when it didnt want to run
  5. Kohler Points

    i purchased a set of the original points once at $37.50. if the price was high, it may of been the fact that i searched both online and on the phone trying to find a set for about 6 months then. i was lucky the day i get that set that they were reconfiguring their store layout. they found 2 of them that were buried way back in on the floor where they fell off the shelf and was buried. so i purchased the both, and ended up getting them for $40 for both. i have been keeping the other set for a rainy day,
  6. a friend of mine has a kohler K341S engine that is froze up. was thinking of getting a hold of it. only problem i have is what can i use it for if i can get it to start ? if nothing else, what would its value be?
  7. Found a old pic

    i wonder if he got the garage at menards. i ws checking the garages out at their site. an 20'x32' lists for $13 to $14k. but the tractor sure worked good to
  8. Would You Over Pay for Your Favorite WH?

    Weeeellllll. i do not have any idea in i over paid on mine or not. I got my 8-4speed for about $50 complete. the guy was just going to scrap it. i paid $10 for the body. he was keeping the motor to put on a rototiller. i traded a tiller worth about $30-$50(complete and runing) for the motor.
  9. kohler fuel pump

    there are 3 models of the mechanical pumps(lever actuated). 1 plastic body and 2 metal body's,1 metal body has a B on it. there is a posting in the forums about them, and where you can get the rebuild kit for it. which article it is i can not remember of the top of my head. according to the manual, only the metal body with the B can be rebuilt. hope this helps somewhat. i also have the 8 hp engine, and according to the manual, it is the same pump as is used on the 10 and 12 hp engines. sorry about the above posting. my cat was trying to help me on it
  10. kohler fuel pump

    there is a posting in the forums about a rebuild kit for certain pumps.
  11. Going to look at this

    had to try and find a part for another mower, got talking to someone i know, and was told he found another wheel horse i may be able to get. a WheelHorse 101(he believes) that is (shuddering)"sitting in a shed", of all things a horse sitting. that is terrible not seeing any sunlight, a horse has to be free.
  12. C-81 fuel pump

    did some more digging up on this topic. there is a company in California that is making the rebuild kit for the fuel pump(the pump with a B on it is the rebuild able one). i did have the company's name, but looking for it now. just FYI, in case any of you want to rebuild it instead. after checking some of the other post's, i found it in the post "rebuild kit for the metal fuel pumps..K series"
  13. raider 10 wont move

    i was busy getting my ready for painting, i just took the drive belt off, and the drive pulley just slid right off the shaft. i been driving it around before with no problem. checked the pulley and the hex-drive bolt is missing. good to know info here.
  14. C-81 fuel pump

    there is a kit for rebuilding the pump. trouble is locating them. out of the 3 style's(all the same design, different makeup of materail), only 1 rebuildable
  15. Hello everyone have a few more questions

    if properly maintained that engine should last a long time. i had a B+S 18 similiar to it, and was told that it should run for a good long time before you need to do any major work on it. mine was mounted on a (SHUDDER) JOHN DEER(STILL SHUDDERING). hate them machines. worked to hard on the one my friend has. his has one of those circuit boards hard wired to the ignition switch. told him the switch needed replacing, he replaced it at the tune of $150. GIVE ME MY WHEEL HORSE.