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  1. What is this wheel horse?

    I agree. It looks like my 1977 C-120 with the wrong decals. Also mine doesn't have the decal on the left fender. Deck looks like my 42" also.
  2. Thank you I'm not dodging the rebuild on my original, lord knows I already have the seals and needle bearings. But I saw this unit cheep enough to catch my attention so I was just hoping it might fit so I could do the rebuild at my leisure.
  3. Hi Steve: That's a bummer. I really know nothing about the unit except they say it fits a 300, 400, 500 series wheel horse and its an 8 speed unidrive. But boy it sure looked right except the seat and fender mounts and the oil fill tube. Here is the only picture I have of it.
  4. I always hate to ask this kind of question because of all the differences involved but here it goes. I have the opportunity to acquire a 400 series unidrive. I don't know the year. Do you think it would fit my 1977 C120? It looks really close. And if you don't think it would fit does it have the same 1533 bearings that I could use?
  5. The C-160 becomes a worker today

    Amen to that!
  6. Unfortunately I think that's why because I don't abuse it. I feel I take pretty good care of it with regular greasing, oil changes, and adjustments.
  7. I'm a 75W90 guy but I'm not a good example as I blew out the needle bearings on my C-120 8 speed.
  8. When needle bearings fail and no one notices... And that would be exactly what I'm afraid of. That's even worse than I thought it could get. I was thinking that there could be groves where it ran on the harden shell from the needle bearing. I wasn't even thinking the needles would cause a real problem.
  9. I can't disagree Steve but I'm not doing a complete rebuild like you did, well unless I find more wrong than I expect. I just ordered the axle rollers, one side I defiantly need, and the axle seals which one side I also defiantly need. I'm holding off on the 1533 until I see them and keeping my fingers crossed that there OK. Right now I'm more fearful that the axle shaft is damaged from running on the old hardened needle bearing race,
  10. Thanks, Parts on order, well the seals and rollers anyway. From what I read I'm hoping the 1533'3 are OK.
  11. Hub puller?

    Yup sawzall. But use a plug in model not a battery powered one. They just don't have the guts for the job.
  12. I hate to ask this but I need to be sure. The half inch of axle between the hub and the axle housing, I measure it at one and one eighth inch. Is that the diameter of the axle? I'm sure it is but I want to check before I start ordering the parts.
  13. 1533 bearing substitution

    Great thread. Thanks for the work and the information.
  14. It's good to hear that the uni is a good transmission. I too am subject to the PO neglect and I suspect I will find that the needles have eaten up the 1533 also.

    Steve, This is a fantastic post, and thread. It makes the rebuild look almost possible.