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    My: Wheel Horse tractors, cats, 12-string guitar, photography, videography, Native American flute, garden, chickens, rollerskating, karaoke and life. <br><br>Here I stand. No more. No less.
  1. steve's pics WHCC 2014 - 2

    Hey Steve, did you get the pic, of us, from Lane yet?
  2. Looking for a manual for a front mount mower we are putting on the 701. It looks something like the old rotary push moweres we used as kids. The kind with the twisted blades that rotated when you pushed it. David would really like to get it hooked up and running so he can bring it to the show this year.
  3. 2012 Group Pictures

    #3 is David Cline...like Patsy Cline....AND yes they are related :thumbs:
  4. Here are my pictures

    Steve these pics are great. Wish you and Chris lived closer, but, at least now we have Skype and the webcam lol
  5. More Pictures From 2012 WHCC Show

    Great pictures Bob !!! Thank you....I forgot my camera this year lol
  6. 2012 show pic's

    Brian..... Great pictures! Thank you! P.S. Tell Jo I'm still suffering the after affects of David eting those wonderful beans lol. They really were great!
  7. Where does everyone stay?

    Counting the days til we are camping with you all, again. David has a really "different" Wheel Horse he's bringing this year. He built it in 3 day...that's all I'm going to say LOL You'll just have to wait and see.. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again...and...Stevasaurus.... no more winning the tractors LMAO. Miss you both.
  8. Monday 12-2 I just heard about Cecil today. What a great loss to all. Even harder for me as the 30th was also my birthday My prayers go out to his family. Birdie
  9. This would be fun to do

    I think if the WHCC board of directors go for it--however you decide to build it, it would be great! As for the fine tuning of the horse to make it run---I'm quite sure David would love that part of it, eh Mike? :woohoo:
  10. More Pictures from the 2011 Show

    Bob, Thie pics are great Thank you for taking them, and, taking the time to get them posted here. David and I are already itching for next year's show. See you in Westminster and also the Steam-O-Rama in Windsor, along with the rest of our RS crew!
  11. BIG

    If it's a Wheel Horse---then it belongs at the show with the rest of them!
  12. David and I will be coming--Thank God it's only an hour up the road. Prices are rediculous!!! :hide:
  13. Close Call

    Around the end of March, David bought a brand new 2011 Toyota Tacoma truck with only 11 miles on it. On May 3rd, he left work and made it about 1/4 mi down the road--doing the speed limit--40mph. He was in the right lane of 2 going north. Some woman, coming from the opposite direction, turned left and floored it to get across. Yep, you guessed it. She plowed right into the front driver's side of the truck. David's kind of banged up and out of work. We have hired a lawyer. $10,000 isn't even enough to total it according to MD laws involving insurance. Hence, the lawyer. We're doing the best we can here, and still planning our 2nd Meet & Greet Sat July 16th. Will post details and info in The Herd.
  14. Little Guys Show

    Finally out of hibernation, lol. David & I won't be able to make it this year. Going to family reunion at Lake Winnipasaki in NH for Memorial Day wknd.
  15. Countdown to the BIG show

    We'll be there :thumbs: