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  1. KABOOM!

    Check with Boomer on this sight. When I rebuilt my H-20 he found me many new parts and excellent used ones. He won't ship junk , If you can find him, he'll help you monararly .
  2. KABOOM!

    Ivan at isavetractors.com might have a rebuild kit for it.
  3. 520-H clutch

    Thanks Tyson. You're probably right, as I haven't had it apart in three years. All I know there is slippage even after the tension adjustment. It was installed used but has functioned flawlessly. Sure I'll look at some pictures., and thank you for that duty.
  4. 520-H clutch

    Hello fellas. I need the PTO clutch material and rivets if possible. Or maybe trade my clutch ( still OK ) and some cash to boot for a like new one. If anyone knows of an available part, please contact me at 513 -498-6926 est. SW Ohio. Thanks members.
  5. Push blade for a 1980 520-H

    Thank you for the reply. Will load up the truck with parts.
  6. Push blade for a 1980 520-H

    Hello fellas. I have a 1973 161-H Wheel Horse LT, pulling a Vac Trailer that took advantage of my back and put me in the Emergency room for awhile Tues. PM. Darn Sciatica keeps coming back and ruining my week. I have a new system to get the leaves from the trailer but I need a blade on the 520H to push the gatherings over into the pit. If anyone could rustle me up one" push blade", or know someone who has one, I would be obliged to any information.that could lead to less stress on my wives back. Thank you, please call my cell # 513-498-6926. I'm near Cincinnati / Dayton area. Bob Davis, Springboro Oh.
  7. Sundstrand trans. 31000077

    Wow.....I never expected this quick reply. Much appreciated, I'll be pulling that pump as soon as I do my early static checks. Thanks for the information fellas. Keep me I mind if you know someone that has a good working unit if mine doesn't work out, o.k.?? And another thanks Daveoman1966 for the pictures. We'll be using those for pre flight.
  8. Hey Guys. I pulled the old 1965 875 Wheel-a-matic from the storage shed and found it lacking in forward movements. It has a slight reverse but not strong. I changed the fluids and filter but still no forward movement. Main drive pulley to the trans. is connected to the shaft. Is there a member that knows their way around this type of transmission, had similar problems ? Would it be cheaper to exchange the tranny out or try to delve in and save it? Just scratching my head ?? I live around the Dayton Ohio area .
  9. Sundstrand Hydro

    Have you still got it? Looking for anything that will fit my 875 Wheel o Matic. The 8 HP Kohler is tired and waiting for some help, the rear end is DOA.
  10. image.jpeg

    What a waste of color and manpower. I guess that's what they mean when said, " Each to his Own".
  11. 875 hydro lazy

    Sorry I was late. Out of town on business. I will post what I find. Thanks for all that gave their insights.
  12. 875 hydro lazy

    Thanks stevasaurus for that info. I just mailed him some information on my tractor.
  13. Sorry about the poor pictures. First time I sent a picture through the internet. Took awhile to figure it out.

  14. Hello Daveoman1966. I'm a member of Red  Square that is having troubles with a 1965 875 Wheel O Matic. I've tried everything on the outer case to remedy the situation but to no avail

    . Such as fluid change, correct hydro filter, etc. etc. Like I said, only external checks because I do not have the knowledge as how this system works. I bought this machine without the mower deck just to pull the kids around our property. I haven't a fortune in 875, so if I have to have someone look at this transmission probably wouldn't hurt too bad. I really need someone I can depend on to fix it right. 

      With the 8hp Kohler running and the new pto belt running the hydro, it will barely pull itself forward or backwards. If you tighten the tow valve, the unit will not move. If you loosen the control valve, the tractor can be moved. I'm figuring the previous owner mistreated her somewhat. I'd like to overhaul the engine ,new valves and rings, head gasket and put it back to showroom stock. I currently own a 1989 520-H, 1971 161 hydro, 269-H and now this 1965 875 for giggles and laughs. My question is: Would it be more wise to buy another rear hydro unit or fix this one? Your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob Davis, Springboro Ohio. Below is my dilemma.







  15. 875 hydro lazy

    Will do.