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  1. snow thrower

    Oops, Need to change to looking for a snow thrower or snow blower, not a snow plow.
  2. Are you interested in the GT14 lift cylinder with hoses and valve?

    Might accept a good offer.



  3. Tire Chains 27x8.50-15

    Yes, they are for the standard size GT14 tires. I ordered them especially for a GT14 I had. I only used the right side tire one time plowing a garden. Let me know if you want them and your location for shipping info. Thanks, Rich
  4. I sent you a PM on 2 items i would like to buy from you ,, again thanks in advance..

  5. GT14 Lift Arms, Lift Roads, Sway Chains, Still Interested?


    Rich Meunier

    6423 Quailwood Dr

    Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

    Cell# 502-303-1270


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    2. ThreeHorses



      Dual Wheel kit shipped today.

      USPS tracking number 9505 5117 7091 6036 0703 05







    3. hondagod64


      Good Morning Rich...Received the package yesterday and they are in excellent condition...

      Thanks again




    4. ThreeHorses
  7. Snow plow lining up issue

    Wouldn't you need a solid link from the trunnion to the blade to apply down pressure? The solid link from blade to #27-lift arm would still have play in chain going up to trunnion.
  8. Slot Hitches

    Slot Hitch-3926 on bottom - Image #1 $30.00 Slot Hitch-3926 on bottom - Image #2 $20.00 Pickup here or add for shipping costs.
  9. Tire Chains 27x8.50-15

    27x8.50-15 2 link tire chains that I used one one time on my GT14 plowing a garden. One chain still in original bag, other one same as new. Pickup here or pay freight.
  10. Snowblower

    I think the spring is still a good idea even with the hydro lift. Takes a lot of strain off the rockshaft, etc. The hydro lift doesn't have any problem lifting it, but easier to break something. The spring on a manual lift makes the blower easier to lift than my snow blade.
  11. 312-A has the 700 Hydro trans and manual lift. 312-H has the 1100 Hydro trans, much stronger, same as used in 520 with the 20 H.P. Onan and hydraulic lift.
  12. C-145 Rear Hitch Attachment ID

    These were manufactures by New Vac Mfg in Anderson, Indiana The one you have is a mount for the vaccum when grass and leaves were sucked from the deck thru the blower then thru a hose into a trailer. They also made a bracket that slipped over the drawbar and hooked into a plow bracket. The large bag set on this platform and the vaccum and motor bolted to it also. I have both setups but normally use the trailer type for leaves. My son welded up a mount for the motor & vaccum that fits into the 2" receiver hitch so I no longer use the mount like you have on your tractor. Also have a suitcase weight bracket that fits into the 2 inch receiver hitch. I also use a regular automotive draw bar into the receiver hitch to pull trailers around. I just mounted the blower onto the bracket tonight and don't have pictures of it. This bracket allows me to easily switch from the vac to a draw bar with hitch ball to weights. New Vac Mfg was part of a large wheel horse dealer. I believe Newby Implement was the name, no longer in business in Anderson. I don't know if they have just closed or moved to a new location. I got my vac in the late 80's.
  13. ThreeHorses-Horses

  14. What is this and am I rich???

    Doesn't look like a seat off any GT14 I've seen including 1969. I think it'd look funny on the GT14. maybe it's off something else.
  15. gt14 3 point plow.

    I've owned a couple GT14's and plowed with one of them. Really can't tell without pictures of what you have. Please post some pictures.