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  1. Throttle & Choke Cables

    Thanks for the info everyone. Sorry for the late reply, busy...busy...busy...
  2. Throttle & Choke Cables

    I am overhauling the K241 in my 1057 and I want to replace the throttle & choke cables, too. I have the original and a downloaded copy of the owners manual. The exploded view showes the 9/16-18 nut and the shakeproof 9/16 washer, but doesn't mention the cables. Can anyone give me the original part numbers on both of these? Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. WH1057 & Brinly 10" plow

    Hmmm....I will...
  4. WH1057 & Brinly 10" plow

    Thanks. It just looked a bit big. I have to finish my engine rebuild first, but I don;t want to let this one get away. Eastern PA...not far from me at all...
  5. Is a 10" plow to much for a 1057? There is one for sale localy. I just want to make sure 10hp is enough before I plunk down the money.
  6. Blown rod, K241

    Thanks for your opinion. I've been a Machinist for over 20 years and agree with what you recomend. I guess I am just in denile and was hoping someone might say "so sweat...just get it trued up and you'll be fine!" I want to make the 1057 run like new so I guess I know what I have to do...
  7. Blown rod, K241

    I recently blew the connecting rod in a K241. The crank has aluminum galling on the bearing surface for the rod. Is there even a remote possability the crank will clean up? As it stands now, I need to replace the piston, rings, and hone the cylinder. I'm hoping a new crank doesn't make the list...
  8. My buddy has a C105 and his wife backed into it and broke the plastic fender pan. Is there a steel fender pan from another year and/or model that would be a direct bolt on replacement?
  9. 1054 utility light

    Thanks for the replys. I'll still probably fab up something similar to the headlight bracket that was an original accessory, but for a single light.
  10. 1054 utility light

    Wow, I'm surprised that there hasn't been any coments yet. I'm wondering if this is really off of a 1054 now....
  11. This is supposed to be from a 1054. Where and how was it mounted? It was advertised as a utility light. I want to fab up a bracket of some sort and use it as a head light for my 1057. I'm at a loss for ideas and need to see something that will get my creative juices flowing.
  12. Stack style mufflers

    It sounds pretty good. It's a deeper throatier sound....plus it looks cool! :omg:
  13. Stack style mufflers

    Here's what I ended up with. Thanks for the info. Good ol' TSC!!
  14. towing a cart w/ slot hitch

    Thanks for the info guys. I picked up a WH cart and a draw bar as well. I would have never known about the available draw bar. Thanks again!! Getting the old pin out was quite a job!! I ended up having to grind a huge chamfer on one side so it would slide out. Both ends were belled over.
  15. Battery not charging

    Thanks guys. 64s, I was looking at the wireing and relize it all probably needs to be replaced. It's on my "To Do" list for this summer. I'll check it like you suggested. It very well could be a bad wire.