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  1. It's Workshop Reorganizing Day !

    I got a one cup operation Keurig. Coffer is always fresh nothing wooer than the stuff that has been sitting on the warming burner for an hour. Also no carafes to break. I just buy jugs of distilled water so have had no build up problems with it for a most 3 years now.
  2. c175 starting

    Chargers and Electros also used the 4 position switch. Off / Acc and Ignition / igniton only / start. not sure what the purpose was as they have a separate light switch. Staring isn't an issue for them as the tank sits high. All my C-175s (and 418) have electric pumps as they cranked for an eternity. BUT i have a 310-8 (under seat tank) that fires almost instantly????
  3. Battery

  4. Quick LED Lighting project

    Between old military vehicles, farm tractors and Wheel Horses too many times i have come across otherwise sound sheet metal that has been butchered putting on lights or whatever. This horse could go back to original and no one would know. and for $15 looks aren't that important.
  5. Quick LED Lighting project

    OK not super scientific but I think they are a whole lot brighter. She and the blower horse side by side ..guess which of the last two pics is the LED
  6. I have toyed with adding some better lights to one of my snow horses., Charger 12 Got a pair of the LEDs Sarge mentioned ($15.00 a pair) however I dindn't want to drill any holes or otherwise damage a very nice hood. Magnets might not be secure enough. Came up with this idea yesterday while I was taking a break from my Sundstrand Motion control arm problem. Found I had a piece of 22ga sheet steel. That would be kind of thin so I cut out two pieces with a hand nibbler. Removed the existing headlight assembly and used the 6 holes to secure the double plate. Put some fender washers on the mounting bolt to spread the load. Got it together and discovered because the grill slants back I couldn't get the lights aimed up far enough, had to turn them over. (and drill a third pass though for the wire). Will put some sealant around the wire entrance. Lights aim slightly out from center as the hood is a bit rounded but that will not be a big issue. These are mostly "To be better seen" lights i don't plow that much in the dark.
  7. Wheel horse raider 10

    It wasn't originally a pull start, I guess the electric died. The Tecumseh will scare away most people, parts are hard to come by if you need over sized pistons/rings or under connecting rods. If it runs the ignition module alone is worth well over $100. Probably has a 10 pinion differential, which I like, but some feel is weak. i happen to like Techies, the deck looks decent and the rear end is a good one in my book. if I was in the market i would go 250..if it ran well no knocks no smoke.
  8. NGK or Champion?

    That kind of rule sounds like something you would find in California...What happened to Live Free or die...oh sorry next state over
  9. Transmission / clutch

    Should be an easy swap
  10. Sundstrand Motion Control Issue

    SUCCESS!!!! The arm was about 1/16" out on the shaft. Used r.l. Addison's idea and wacked it in. moved back flush. Nothing really exposed enough to clean up but used more bug juice and a chisel to move it back to where i started.. and there it stopped.. About 45 minutes of differing wedges that moved it out a tad, driving it back and repeat. Damn thing held on until it had come out over 2/3rds of the way off!! Finally got an old battery clamp puller to fit in and victory!!! Thank you all!!!
  11. Sundstrand Motion Control Issue

    Thank you all for the ideas. i have tried the propane torch. May give the oxy / acetylene a go. Also tried the chisel but chickened out as i didn't want to break the surrounding housing. I can see why WH switched to allen head bolts later. At least with a ball end allen wrench I could probably get the bolts out and then try a flange puller to get the whole unit pulled off. Also figured out I don't have the 12pt 1/4" socket I need. Have one coming...just when you think you have about all the wrenches and stuff you need....
  12. Sundstrand Motion Control Issue

    Bolt head sits in a recess with out much clearance around it
  13. I have overhauled a hydro gear...resurfaced the slippers and the base of the piston block (hydrogears do not have a replaceable valve plate..also hope I didn't take too much off the base of the piston block). Hooked it up to an electric motor for a test and it worked OK but i had a leak around the swash plate shaft. I need to get in there to replace the O ring. To do that you have to pull the cam arm follower #53. Drove out the roll pin but the arm will not come off the shaft. Soaked it with various juices, no joy. There isn't enough room to use a flange puller and even my smallest 2 jaw puller hooks won't fit under it. Thought I could pull it off in one step with the housing (#49). Problem, these are early hydro gears, they used three 12pt bolts and you can't get a socket wrench on one as it is behind the arm. I have a parts hydro gear and of course the arm slide right off. I am getting ready to use a carbide cutter and break the one that is stuck...but I hate to break things that aren't around any more. Any Ideas /tips???
  14. NGK or Champion?

    Because you use Champions...