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  1. My neighbor got a Tri-axle load of composted topsoil mixed with mushroom soil delivered today. The ground was way to soft to use bigger stuff (D200 with FEL) to move it into his garden. So here is his 1076 and my L-107 still working after all these years. Note: i got tired long before the L-107 did... (1966 and 1967 over 100 years of horse)
  2. Hand brake help

    First brake off second brake on
  3. Is it a new issue? Have you tried the neutral adjustment? Check the plate at the rear of the frame the hydro bolts to, Could be cracked causing alignment issues
  4. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Put the snow horses down for their long summer nap and brought out the summer horses.
  5. 18 automatic

    No spring I think you need to tighten the friction nut/bolt at the handle pivot point in the first picture Top bolt
  6. 246-H clutch issues

    Very possibly the regulator. Also could be the engine stator that generates current and feed the regulator. There is also a fuse that could be a culprit. There should be 3 wires on the regulator two from the engine and one going to the ignition switch. With engine running check AC voltage cross the two engine wires note it is AC. I do not know spec for B&S engines but you should get upper 20's lower 30 ACV. if you do then the regulator is prime suspect.
  7. 18 automatic

    I will try to get a picture of my D200 later today. For the motion control; linkage adjustment look at this manual. it is not the easiest thing to accomplish'
  8. Starter turns without force

    Measure voltage at the battery engine off and then again running.
  9. 246-H clutch issues

    Not familiar with the ammeter on that tractor. If it show discharge when the clutch is engaged it means the clutch coil is drawing more power than the charging system can produce. Is the battery in good shape. What are the voltage readings engine off, running no clutch and running with clutch on? Welcome to red square
  10. Starter turns without force

    Put your volt meter (multimeter) on the + and - battery terminals. Should get 12.6 volts engine off. With engine running about 14 volts Coloque su voltímetro (multímetro) en los terminales + y - de la batería. Debería desconectar el motor de 12.6 voltios. Con el motor funcionando a unos 14 voltios
  11. Starter turns without force

    Is the belt slipping on either engine or starter/Generator pulley? Does it charge the battery when it is running? (Do you have about 14 volts DC when running?) if the belt isn't slipping and the Generator charges when running could be a field coil in the starter/generator is failing or failed. I would take it to an automotive starter/generator repair place .. They can test it and probably get parts to fix it.
  12. Need 1973 4 speed axle seals

    Some hubs had two set screws. One over the woodruff key the other 90 degrees off of it. is the broken one in line with the keyway on the hub? If the area around the broken bolts looks like it was machined it is factory ...no machining probably a PO's attempt. I leaned the hard way i did it to one of my Chargers. I broke the second set crew off flush tightening down the jam nut. I am leaving it for the next owner to worry about You might take take your dremel with a cut off wheel and cut a slot across the end of the broken set screw deep enough to get a screw driver into it and use an impact driver... If you have a welder, weld a nut on the end of the broken bolt. (welding only inside the nut)
  13. The neutral adjustment on the hydros can be difficult as it changes with temp and usage. The spikes solve that problem
  14. K181s ign. coil issues

    That is important info.... What tractor is this on??? Have you replaced the ignition switch? How old is the one on there. They can begin to fail internally and let current leak into eh M terminal and fry the magneto coil. Kohler put a diode in the M wire on some units to prevent any back flow of current ...Does yours have one??? Really need more info here.
  15. What one do I choose

    C160 Much easier to maneuver, and work on. parts are more readily available. is the C160 an auto or 8 speed???