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  1. C160H Crank no start

    .020 for points
  2. MICE!!!!!!

    Went to start one of the C-175s this morning down in the barn. Turned over twice then stopped. Solenoid clicked but no crank. Jumped it off the D200 no success. Realized I couldn't turn the engine by hand. Also noticed some of the oil drip pads had been munched on. Saw some white stuff inside the blower housing Had to drag her up to the shop (too hot to work in the barn..really need to get a tow set up on the 3pt. I had to pick her up with straps frond the front axle to the FEL bucket...Then back all the way from the barn to the shop. Reminded AG tires are darn near worthless backing up hill even with the york rake hanging off the 3 pt as a counterweight. Took the shields off and found the stuff wrapped around the starter pinion jamming the fly wheel. Part of that mess is some dryer sheets pieces and they are really tough when you try to pull them off.... Guess mice appreciate me providing nice smelling dryer sheet for their construction projects.
  3. It not like you are tryng to stop going 60 mph in heavy traffic. I have never measured my brake drums neither have they ever caused me to run into any walls. New lining wouldn't hurt. Sometimes we can overthink things.
  4. Replacement seat for Lawn Ranger

    Get a used seat shell from AtoZ tractor in our vendors section and a cover and pad from Bob Ellison
  5. 5 1/4" drive pulley?

    101875 used on C-81 and other 8hp 1" shaft engines
  6. Replacement seat for Lawn Ranger

    I got one of his covers for my L-107. Absolutely beautiful...afraid to put it on and get it dirty (She is my chore Tractor)
  7. wheel horse fan attachment??

    It will fit with a rear PTO but not the Comfort ride seat.. (Should have been more clear.) The rear PTO and comfort ride combined make rigging up any kind of cooling fan difficult/impossible. I wound up with 4 inch computer type cooling fan as the best i could squeeze in.
  8. What size Battery is needed?

    Group 22NF are a perfect fit in the older larger battery boxes on WHs. The will last a lot longer than the L&G ones but are pricey. The 22Nf thatc ame in my JD GT235 has been in use for 17 years now....
  9. 3 Pt. Tiller

    As an example the 60inch 3pt finish mower on D series was labeled Wheel horse...but it was made by Woods...
  10. wheel horse fan attachment??

    It will NOT fit your D series if you have the comfort ride seat and rear PTO....
  11. Mine are on the bottom edge...Think they are original
  12. That is nodular brass (tightly packed ball like things). Lets air pressure equalize but keeps out the dirt and water. The standard axle end bearings work just fine if they are not damaged by contamination. I suppose you could put in longer ones but would it be worth it??? I don't think so. You might want tor use the additional space to double up the axle seal Bearing seal sets here: https://www.wheelhorseman1000.com/
  13. k181 white smoke question

    When you idle down you close the throttle plate and the engine vacuum increases. That will pull oil up past worn piston rings and give you a puff of white smoke. We are all getting older. Some things you just live with... or you can spend a lot of money and have major surgery
  14. D-160 repower

    8.5 hp is woefully inadequacy to run a D series tractor... Hydros are not that efficient and a D weighs a whole lot.