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  1. I bevel you should have credited the hippy dippy weatherman...George Carlin
  2. My lawn Ranger has had no fuel feed problems in 50 years...gravity is nothing if not reliable. However the bottom of her gas tank is 1/2" higher than the carb fuel inlet. i think if you measure the distance from the floor you will find the bottom of your tank is slightly below the carb inlet. If you kept it mostly full it should work but it would die before the tank was completely empty.
  3. Mine would roll over in his grave
  4. I hear you on that
  5. My father bought my L-107 new in 1967. he was way to frugal to spring for electric start. In the late 80s we replaced the H60 with an HH70 as it had ACR and the old H60 was getting harder for him to start. Still no electric start. Now I have it and I installed used Techy starter motor about 15 years ago. no charging system. Runs for months before I have to recharge the battery and she is used year round several times a week as a chore tractor. Have the recoil for back up if I wait to long to recharge.
  6. Same unit used in H60's on Lawn rangers and HH60's saw one on line for over $100
  7. The K series single manual in the manual section here pretty much cover the topic. You do not need to paint inside. Lots of pictures hlep failing memories.
  8. Depends on what model tractor it was installed on. Some had pepper pots some fancier systems....
  9. If you do not have a lock tab at the end of the shaft going across (circled in red) you have a problem. The tab is on the outside of the hoodstand circled in yellow in the picture the weld that can break is to the right of the bolt. I assume the spring you are missing is the number i circled 6-05. either fault is going to cause issues. A neutral adjustment is also a good idea.
  10. Too pretty to use.
  11. It is a FrankenHorse I have built a couple of those myself so many WH parts interchange
  12. you can get propane carbs for K series I thought some one was thinking of a conversion
  13. I would think that the ignition wouldn't know if the plug was screwed in or just grounded to the head. F0r external sold state systems the manual says the only test is to pull the plug wire and check for spark. Another type cautions not to remove the primary wire when cranking...
  14. There is supposed to be a dip stick. Allowing for it threading in bout 1/4" your fluid should be 6.25 inches from top of filler.
  15. Just about any plug will work for the test just lay it on teh engine no need to screw it in I believe you need autolite 456.