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  1. Gary gave you the number earlier in the thread
  2. belt size

    5/8" x 81.95"
  3. 312-8 Headlights

    What is the model number of you 312-8 (Should be on a sticker under the seat. Some 312-8s had head lights that ran off the AC stator on the engine not the battery, Those lights would only work when the engine was running.
  4. You might also try National (Timken) 471652. I started using those on my Sundtrands. The outer lip seems more pronounced...may keep more crap out CR green Timken red
  5. Got the rear Woods mower hooked up

    Yes they slide in and out makes hook up fairly easy
  6. Mower Deck underside

    have tried POR it didn't work as well as i think it should for the money and the prep time involved.
  7. I would get some 6 mil plastic to put down on the ground under what ever you store there. Moisture coming out of the ground likes to condense on the cooler metal of you mower snow blower etc...
  8. Got the rear Woods mower hooked up

    I use the chains as the ground i cut was very rough and uneven with depressions etc. I made up a simple dolly keep it under the front of the mower. 2x6 scraps an some cheap casters. Makes it easy to move around the storage area. Also gets her up high enough to line up with 3 pt. Also lets you move the deck around a bit to get the 3 point arms hooked up. (Skipper move the tract I move the deck 2 different solutions)
  9. 3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    My two principal summer mowing tractors get Rotella...everybody else gets the TSC version. Probably no material difference but it makes me feel better.
  10. D -160 cooling fan

    I doubt it would make a material difference but you could use the one in the picture..or what ever one it is easiest to get on....
  11. my 417A won't start

    Is the PTO FULLY disengaged... WOuldn't be the first time it happened to me.
  12. D -160 cooling fan

    around a manifold pipe
  13. 8 speed is out of gear main shifter

    NO The hubs have 3/8" for starters and are cup point setscrews. Very different from a dog point set screw also the shifter screw is 1/4"
  14. D series PTO shaft

    it is not a standard shaft. They show up from time to time on Ebay but are pricey