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  1. Does your unit have a brake band (Physical Brake) on the end of the hydro motor shaft?? Mine are all to old to have that feature. I wonder if it is possible to apply that brake while the pump was still pushing fluid into the hydro motor. Maybe the counter force broke something??? I would try resurfacing the valve plates. Fine wet sandpaper on a sheet of glass I started with 400 and worked up to 1200 the some crocus cloth to finish. (any in my parts units would have to be resurfaced) I will check later to day to see if I do have #73 and 74 If you want to go new contact LJ Fluid power. The are nice people but be prepared for sticker shock. A couple years ago he had pump valve plates but didn't have motor ones. Apparently the standard Sundstrand motor plate has to have some machining done to it to work on WH hydro motors???
  2. 310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    My primary mowers are a 418A with a foot control and a C175 8 speed both with 48SD decks. Favorite is C175 2nd gear...Like the old Ron Popiel TV infomercials said "Set it and Forget it" Up or down steep hills into heavy grass whatever no changes
  3. I thought you guys might want to see this

    Your father was a good man who raised an outstanding young man....
  4. H60 75016

    This is from my 1967 L-107 I doubt that Tecumseh changed much between yours and mine. Tecumseh Manual 4.bmp
  5. H60 75016

    That is true for my L107 H60-75118f ...Electric was H60-75117f Give the spec # in original post it is a recoil start... coil assembly is 30560
  6. Even using a press as suggested I broke the clip. LJ Fluid power has them
  7. Gearbox 5025

    In and out movement (1/8") 3mm. is acceptable. There should be no up down or front to rear.
  8. Needle Scalers

    I bought an inexpensive Northern Tool Needle scaler several years ago. I like using it on stuff too big to fit in the blast cabinet. Not the fastest process in the world I had time to think while I was working on my neighbors deck from his 856 today.. I paid 39.95 but I see ingersoll-rand has some for $175 and up. I would suppose they would last longer in industrial use but is there another advantage to having a more expensive unit?? Anyone have or get to use one at work?? . As my father said it is a poor workman who blames his tools...(He never had to use some of the junk they sell these days)...Sometimes it is nice to have a cheap tool... you can blame it instead of yourself.
  9. Reversed Battery

    On tractors with positive grounds the + terminal of the coil goes to the points (Distributor) The - terminal goes to the ignition switch
  10. To have that little charge pump pressure would to me mean one of two things A; The charge pump is in terrible shape (I think you would have seen that when you had it a part or B: Something is letting the charge pressure bleed off too fast (Summarized bin teh captures... Good Luck!!!!
  11. Kohler fuel pumps

    I hook mine to the acc terminal. Turn the ignition to run for a few seconds you will here the pump and it changes sound after the float valve closes. The turn to start and off you go.
  12. You can download the Kohler Service manual here in the manuals section
  13. 18 Auto Hydro Flush?

    I would NOT use kerosene to flush a hydro. I agree with the rest it is easier to continue with ATF. I run ATF in all my charger/electros and run motor oil in the D only because that was what was in there. I do not see any performance difference. Sunsdtrand units were used by several different tractor makes (all the units basically had the same components) yet the different tractor makes recommended everything from ATF to Motor Oil to Hydro fluid to house stuff like John Deere did
  14. Hold on to the gauges. First step is make sure the charge pump and implement relief valves are functioning correctly. Make sure the springs are in place, not broken and the right one is in for each valve (Light Charge heavy implement) and that they are on the correct side (charge on the left implement on the right as you look at the end of the pump unit.) I believe you can do that with out removing the hydro unit...again be thankful you are not working on a D series.
  15. I have a gravel/stone driveway. I plow almost 1/4 mile as you. There are wheels on the blower, keep them set high and you should be OK. After a while the small snowfalls get packed down by your car and freeze up the loose rocks. Biggest issue is a storm before or after the ground is frozen...you will throw a few rocks...I only bring out the blower for big accumulations, smaller ones get run over or plowed. I live in Northeast Pa and only use the blower 1 or 2 times per winter...some times none. 2 stages are very nice ...but they are very heavy..need more HP and cost more. They throw the snow a long distance, from your description you do not need to throw yours very far to get it out of the way. If choke is a strange term for you then buying a non-running tractor is probably not a great idea. But it is nothing to be afraid of and if you are willing to try they are very simple. Some will say the rebuild wasn't a "professional" job...and frankly it probably was not . if the engine runs doesn't smoke or make banging noises it will probably last many hours but not a life time, ( how many times a year do you have to clear your lane., pulling a wagon will not stress it.) and at the price point we are talking about that is OK. You need to talk to a local farmer with a tractor about plowing. $250 is extreme. I plow a couple for free and the young farmer down the hill is in the $25-case of beer range....