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  1. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    Sorry I thought you had a Kohler carb. No high speed adjustment on a Walbro...that is why i do not like them. Small screw is idle speed. Larger is idle mixture. You say it idles OK then most likely problem is then caused by float setting or dirt in carb. What you have in your hand is the splash shield you need that and the thin round bowl gasket (in plastic bag)) As far as I know the gaskets are the same Walbro and Kohler
  2. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    2 turns on the high speed (large one on top) and 2-1/2 turns on idle (smaller one) should be starting point. Also have you checked your float level 11/64: between float and housing
  3. C125 twin cylinder

    Did you mean C-175 (they are twins)...If so are they Series 1 or Series 2 engines. That will make a big difference in price
  4. Is it a D180???

    I think it is an early D-180 as it later ones did not have the split reverse slots on the motion control As stated above not running the tranny is a big ??? Low bid....
  5. 315-8 Electric Clutch Removal

    Do not have one of those new fangled horses.. But the older ones with electric PTO you screwed a bolt into the end of it to push it off. Using a puller was big No No (sticker said it voided warranty) Remove the bolt that goes into the end of the crankshaft (probably 3/8 or smaller) The electric PTO will have threads in it (probably 5/8 nc. thread a 5/8 in bolt in there and turn it, it will push it off.
  6. McMaster my go to for hardware. If I order by 5:30 pm Mr Brown drops it off the next day some times as early as noon. Shipping for most of my orders is between 5 and 9 dollars.
  7. When it comes to looking at pictures directions whatever computers beat smart phones every day.
  8. D180 Rear Axle hubs

    The outer D set screw will probably beyond the end of C-165 axle
  9. The hubs have a slight taper to them. WH machined a flat surface around the hole . You will not have that. So be very cautious about cinching down the lock nut. it will put sideways stress on the set screw and it may snap off. Do not ask how i know this. Some poor dumb SOB will get an electro 12 some day and i hope he never has to remove the hub.
  10. D180 Rear Axle hubs

    D series hubs are much longer and have different bolt pattern and center hole D on the left
  11. Anything Goes Sunday

    We soldiers weren't very bright so the Army had sheets made up with outlines of the various parts of your rifles. as you disassembled it you laid it on the outline line of the part. Vinyl guy should make this into one of those for people who want to tear down their trannies.
  12. Sundstrand hydro transmission?

    There isn't really any kit beyond a package of seals. Some parts are available from LJ Fluid Power. The picture is of a piston to piston check here for the service manual. Here are some pictures of a D series Pump repair (very similar to your pump) This is not a Satruday afternoon in the driveway project. What is wrong with your unit???
  13. I have 18 horses and a bunch of extra tires...only one tire was worn down tread wise (a front one) Numerous side wall failures and many that are in use are tubed because of slow leaks....