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  1. Check voltage with engine off. a good battery should be about 12.6v. With engine running voltage should be 13.6 to 14,5 if not Make sure that the regulator terminals are clean and tight. also clean the bolts holding the regulator to the tractor. The case must be well grounded. Still not joy the refer to the electrical section of the manual to test the charging stator and regulator
  2. Yes posts...I believe type 51 also will fit but they have side terminals
  3. 22NF but they are getting expensive.
  4. Make sure the tines are not excessively worn. replacement is pricey
  5. To be sure you should look up the part number for the starter motor # for the spec number of each engine involved on the Kohler website... but yes it should.
  6. it is called polarizing the generator (or flashing)
  7. Make sure you get the Mag switch. Using the "I" switch will fry his magneto.
  8. The long end of the differential has to go in the short case side. Other wise the nuts and bolt ends hit things.
  9. 5 terminals would be B battery S starter A Accessory R regulator I for Ignition Battery coil type or M Magneto What does the one he gave you show.
  10. measured 3 48 SD decks all slightly different vintages. 4-1/4 to 4-3/8 from deck shell to bottom of blade. interesting never really noticed before the blade actually is slightly below the front edge of the deck shell. in the RDs their shell is much thicker (taller) and the blade is above the leading edges of the shell. I always mow at max height and i get grass blowing out the front enough that I carry a brush to keep the blower screen clean, but not as much as it sounds like you get.
  11. It should work. Depending on the type you may have issues with getting linkages set up. I have a couple of tractors where the choke works backward. Just put a label on the dash board up is off down is on. or don't mark it and it is an anti theft device.
  12. The jugs are glued on and there is also adhesive between the case halves. There are pry points. You really should look at the Magnum twin manual there are warnings about marking things to assure correct reassembly and to avoid scratching mating surfaces.
  13. Be careful when you add taillights. Probably will have to use older incandescent units. i believe most LED types require 12v DC. Your tractor has a 3 amp unregulated charging system with a 70 watt AC lighting circuit. Lights only work when engine is running. You could use LEDs but you would have to run them of the battery with a separate switched circuit.
  14. Your 308-8 used a Magnum Engine and the fuel tank came with the engine and is a Kohler part. 4175529-s. You are going to not be happy about your accident. Kohler wants $272 for the tank...hey they throw in the cap normally a $25 item...nice guys Do not thank any other wheel horse used it. Ariens used it as did Gardenway and some other companies. I think you should try to fit an underseat tank on your tractor they are more readily available used. Your motor has a fuel pump.