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  1. Key switch

    Standard Motor Products HP7220 Universal 1/4" Female Slide Terminal
  2. WH used 1/2" Check with A to Z tractor (vendor here) and put a want ad for your spring...
  3. I had vaguely heard about some big recall of Kidde fire extinguisher recalls. Finally looked into it and went out to the shop and checked my extinguishers (You all have at least one in your garage/shop and or Horse storage area don't you!!!) Between Shop and house I have several extinguishers 4 of them are Kidde all are recalled. Please be safe check your extinguishers I filled out the form and submitted it. They are going to send me 4 replacements. Kidde recal page
  4. If it runs and moves I wouldn't hesitate to go 300 or more. Detroit Diesel... turning DF-2 into noise for over 79 years
  5. HH 160-170019

    I just measured a helicoil spark plug insert. It is just under 17MM OD Edit Their instruction have you drill out the old hole with 5/8" drill bit. If that fits on your hole I would try getting an insert and see if it threads in.
  6. HH 160-170019

    I have a feeling that the overhead valve OH-160 would use a different plug than the Flat Head HH160. I am wondering like ol550 about a helicoil that came out.
  7. What pays for your Horse addiction

    Spent 28 years in the Army. Most of the time managing Health Care dollars. But some of my favorite times were in field units playing with trucks... Been retired a long time now (no kids). Started out playing with an M-37 and an M-274. Went on to full size old tractors Case DC, VAC and Farmall M. Then Picked up on the wheel Horses starting with my fathers L107. To tie back to first post I live on a dirt road in the Marcellus Shale gas fields. last winter 800-1000 of those tri-axle water truck were going up and down it. Had to be careful pulling out of the driveway making sure you were in the convoy serial going the right way. Road was narrow in parts they had a 24/7 guy in a pick up truck batching up the tankers sending them through in serials.
  8. What bolt to connect carb to engine on c81

    Take a hacksaw and cut a slot across the head of the bolt. It is quicker to spin it in with a screw driver rather than the 1/6 of a turn useing a wrench.
  9. So who plowed today?

    No snow but it was single digits this morning. The snow horses are ready but not called out yet....
  10. Raider 12 Old switch to new

    If you have a coil and points You have the wrong ignition switch. You need one with an "I" terminal instead of a an "M" terminal. The "I" terminal would go to the + terminal of the coil.
  11. 1973 18 Auto Voltmeter Mod

    A voltmeter that dies is an irritation...when an Amp meter dies many times so does the tractor.
  12. Kohler Magnum18 Valves NLA Issues

    Appreciate it. The part number he has is for others pec numbers according to Kohler...But tehn it may work. Current price is about 58. Will have to look at teh measurements. Hopefully my used one Iput in will work. Note no after market...