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  1. Filters?

    Engine Wix 51764 Tranny Wix 51410 Drop the 5 for Napa
  2. Changing Mower Blades

    It is 1-1/8" You only need the thin wrench to hold above the blade. Any 1-1/8 socket/wrench will work on the nut. Make you own out of an old blade. Hacksaw and grinder..isn't pretty but it works and is free.
  3. Lawn Ranger Deck on a Short Frame?

    The Lawn ranger deck uses a single groove pulley and different hangers you will have to do modifications The Rangers had 32" decks.
  4. Kohler vs. Tecumseh

    I just fixed up a Techy OHV 18 for a friend it was in one of the kit wheel dozers from the 1970s. Hadn't run in years. Did have to replace the flywheel as all the magnets inside had broken free. No worse price or availability wise than ones for Kohlers. Had to replace the ignition module $125 for a used one. Anyone priced the Kohler breakerless parts lately??
  5. battery for 702

    The U1 battery will be loose in the battery box..(if it is original) and will need to be shimmed., The 22NF will fit snugly.
  6. Turning Radius with Cyclone Rake

    Don't recall setting but probably highest or second highest. I cut long. I only had to drill one hole in the deck, used one that was there for #2 Haven't done leaves yet, just grass but it has sucked well. Will watch the bulges and reinforce after this season.
  7. After I overhauled the pump on my D200 I ran several pressure test to include implement pressure test holding the lift at full extension for a fairly long period (not a good practice in normal use). After sitting for a day I noticed some drips from bottom of aluminum pump housing. Turns out the actual source was the oil seal on the input shaft. Cleaned it up and haven't had any leaks since. I surmised that holding the control valve open at end of stroke builds up higher pressure in the pump housing enough to overcome the seal. In normal use I do not do that and haven't had any return leaks. In addition to input shaft I would suppose the two side seals could also be a problem.. EDIT: Some people call minor leaks drips seeps etc. a problem. To me they are part of my corrosion control program. Very few pieces of my old equipment will ever rust out from the bottom
  8. Turning Radius with Cyclone Rake

    I just bought my rake a few weeks ago. A few days later they sent me an extra mounting plate free. Apparently some of the ones they used turned out not to meet spec so they sent out replacements. The one that came with my rake worked fine..They said just keep the replacement. This is on my C175 with a 48" SD. The last picture includes the replacement plate they sent me
  9. Agree do not cut the wire merely insulate it. The coil and trigger can get you money. List them here for example 10 amp systems worked for years. If you really want to play at night extensively use the proceeds from the trigger /coil to replace head lights with LEDS
  10. What's up with this ranger

    L-157 should be 1967 electric start two spoke wheel and a smooth belt guard (no indentation for the decal).
  11. .093 is the depth of the groove on a spare manifold I have. The stacked Dash 018 ring and backer measure .103 (Combined spec thickness of . 07 o ring .049 backer of .119, but teh oring fits into teh backr ring a bit....(Mind you I do not have pro quality measuring equip so plus or minus a bit.) I measured the groove depth on a hydro motor got .0935 You do not have leakage on the motor end (same o rings)...could the groove in your manifold be a tad to deep???
  12. I happen to have two Toro sourced backer rings. They measure .049 inches thick...exactly the same as the ones i got from McMasters (Dash 018) I really do not think they are proprietary custom jobs. Anyway mine hasn't leaked for several years... Maybe the originals came from sundstrand but toro substituted the standard dash 018 to fill parts orders????
  13. No Brakes!

    There was a dampener assembly put on by WH for a couple years to reduce the shock loading from going from forward to reverse to quickly. If you use your machine heavily may be something to get.
  14. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Great find Loader looks good. One suggestion, the hydraulic reservoir for the loader is the left hand support column. if it sat out for several years there could be corrosion inside from condensation and rust chunks . There is a suction line screen in the bottom hose connection to reservoir. Clean it and I would add a spin on hydro filter between the valve bank and the top of the reservoir.
  15. No Brakes!

    The lever you mnetion that moved That lever engages the parking brake If you push the lever up it should engage the internal brake pawl. In many cases previous users have tried to stop the tractor using the parking brake. It grinds down the pawl dumping damaging metal shavings into the hydro system and also making the parking brake ineffective. With brake engages can you roll the tractor???