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  1. Shift Lever question. On my 1964 704, the shift lever broke off close to the base where the dust cover is (it sat outside for about 25 years before I purchased it). I was able to get another shift lever to replace the old one. When I went to unbolt the 7/16th locking nut for the pin, the locking nut snapped off with the pin inside it. Now I have a partial pin still in the block that the shift rod goes into. I cannot get a drill in there to drill out the old pin without taking the transmission off the tractor. I am open to any creative solutions any of you may have.

    1. 1964 704

      1964 704

      Here are some pictures of what I am working on. In the first picture, you can see the top of the transmission where the remainder of the shift arm is still inside the block of the transmission. On top of the red cable, you can see what remains of the locking nut with the broken off allen key still inside of it.

      In the second picture, you can see where I have separated the transmission, and am attempting to drill out the remainder of the allen key.



  2. 1964 704 is Alive!

    I have newish rear turf tires mounted on clean rims, just haven't put them on yet. These rear tires had been filled with calcium chloride, and it has rusted away the inside of the rims.
  3. 1964 704 is Alive!

    Not only is it alive, I mowed my lawn today with it. Still a work in progress, but it's getting there slowly but surely. As promised, below are some pictures of the 704.
  4. 1964 704 is Alive!

    no, just ags for the rear,
  5. 1964 704 is Alive!

    Yes, it has the original deck, I think it's an RM364 (it's a square deck with 2 18" blades) , it also has the dozer blade, and a grader type of blade that goes under it in the middle. I still need to pick up the snow blower for it as well. I will take some pictures of it this week and post them, but overall it doesn't look a whole lot different other than the shiny red motor. It also has some sort of plow type of implement with it. I have fairly new turf tires that I will put on it, and it came with a spare front axle with the tires attached. I would love to get a set of AG tires for it too.
  6. 1964 704 is Alive!

    Hi All, after tinkering around with my '64 704 for what seems like forever, I finally got it to the point that it is rideable and near completion. The original pull start motor had a sticking exhaust valve, so I replaced it with a later model k181 with the starter attached to it, converting it to electric start. Of course it had to be wired to make everything work, and I ended up using a motorcycle battery, since a standard garden tractor battery won't fit (starter encroaches into the battery box area). After searching this site, and discussing my options with other members, I decided to attach the regulator/rectifier via metal straps to right side of the frame above where the belt guard is (there are a couple of pre-drilled holes from the factory already there, so I bolted the straps there). I took it out yesterday for a shakedown run around my yard for about 25 mins with the only issue being the throttle will not lock in place. While working on it over this past year, It seemed like once I thought it was ready to go, something else would throw me a curve ball, (couldn't get it to rev past 1/2 throttle, governor not working, dead battery etc.) but it's all sorted now and running like a champ. It fires right up (after I figured out that full choke and about 1/4 throttle does the trick) and is reading a little over 14 volts when running, and the battery shows over 13 volts when I shut it off, so the charging system is functioning as designed. I can't tell you how elated I am that this 51 year old garden tractor is finally alive. This 704 is in it's original somewhat crusty patina, and I haven't decided if I should repaint it or not. I'm open to suggestions. Attached is a picture of it when I first got it in March or 2013, in the picture it has the original K161 motor with an aftermarket bolt on electric starter. Thanks to all that have provided suggestions in the past.
  7. Carb Issues with 64 704

    I travel to Leetonia every Friday, which is right next to Salem. We should try to connect up.
  8. Carb Issues with 64 704

    I will double check the fuel issue Jim, (hey I just noticed that you are local, where abouts are you located in NEO?) but I am not sure how long it ran, it seemed like a minute or so, but I was busy worrying about the fuel coming out of the pump, and didn't really pay attention to how long it ran without the fuel line connected. I originally thought the issue was in the carb, since it appears to be a fuel starvation issue. I have had the carb off numerous times, and did not notice any fuel in the float, but once again I wasn't looking at that. As for the float being correctly adjusted, I think it is, but am not 100%. The folks where I buy my parts tell me that the float is not an issue.... These are great suggestions. Thanks for all the help. Dan
  9. Carb Issues with 64 704

    Thanks for the fuel cap issue Anglo, it has a brand new one. Martin, you have a great point, the head gasket is new, but i never re-torqued the head bolts. that makes good sense. I will tinker with this tomorrow and get back. Thanks again for all the help. Dan
  10. Carb Issues with 64 704

    Thanks for the response Martin. The stuck exhaust was pretty simple, sprayed a bunch of pb blaster on it, and very lightly tapped it a couple of times, and it popped right back into place. I then scraped the carbon off the head, piston and valves and cleaned everything off. I have pulled heads before and have cleaned like this in past with success. I would agree with your assessment of the rings. As for the valve sticking open, I will do a before and after compression test. I will check the compression when cold and see what the variance if any is when it is hot. I looked in the Kohler engine manual for cylindr compression ranges, but found none. Do you know what the compression should be? All electrical components are new and from Kohler dealer. Thanks again. Dan
  11. Carb Issues with 64 704

    Yes WH Nut, the condenser and points are brand new. I just got off the phone with a guy that runs a mower repair business, he thinks that the engine is losing compression which is why it is dying after about 10 mins, and suggests a complete rebuild. I thought that when a motor loses compression, you typicall get oil blowby from the exhaust as in blue smoke. this is not the case with my motor. I did mention to him that the exhaust valve was sticking when I originally pulled the head to diagnose it, his comment was that if I did not properly grind the valve down it could cause this problem. And then proceeds to tell me that the rings are bad as well. I am not an expert, but this engine feels like it has adequate compression. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Dan
  12. Carb Issues with 64 704

    It's got me baffled as well. the coil and the points are both new, if there was a problem with the electricals I would think like you said that it would be from the start, and not after 10 mins. You do have an interesting point though about the coil getting heated up. The motor has an aftermarket 110v electric starter that I plug an extension cord into to get it started, but I can't really see that creating any problems. I even wonder that while it sits in a 10x10 shed that maybe it is getting too hot, but the top of the engine shroud is not hot at that point and even when it does die, I am still able to get fuel to the carb. Dan
  13. Carb Issues with 64 704

    When I disconnected the fuel line from the fuel pump to the carb at idle it would come out in a steady stream (which in my opinion is enough fuel to fill the float bowl). With the engine stopped and when cranking over it would pulse out with the revolutions of the motor. I was even able to disconnect the fuel line to the carb while it was running, the fuel would stream out like mentioned above, and then the motor would start to sputter, I reconnected the fuel line and it would idle normally. It typically happens at around the 10 minute mark, and once I attempt to increase the throttle at the carb it would want to die and evenutally does When it does die, it backfires through the carb as well. When first started and for the first 5-8 mins, it revs freely without hesitation. All of this testing has been with the tractor sitting in a shed for those 10 minutes. I am not riding it. Also, the muffler is correct for the model and year and installed correctly according to the Manual. Thanks for the assistance Brian. Dan
  14. Carb Issues with 64 704

    Thanks WH Nut, The screen looks new and you can see through it. There is no blockage coming out of tank.
  15. Carb Issues with 64 704

    I was wondering the same thing Brian. The muffler is routed correctly from what I have seen on other models of similar vintage. The previous owner put a piece of sheet metal below the muffler, but above the fuel line to mitigate vapor lock I believe. I also checked the fuel line while it had been running for quite a while, and it did not appear to get warm or be affected by the heat from the exhaust.