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  1. RJ58 rebuild

    thats a clean repair. good job.
  2. RJ58 update

    there is an older post that talks about the little finger ( a bent threaded rod ) that is sometimes needed to help hold the belt . i hope this helps.
  3. new to me 551

    looks good to me. keep it original if you can. looks like the repairs should be fairly easy. congradulations:)
  4. is this a plow for a suburban?

    i guess that means you know where i found this?
  5. i need some help identifying this plow.Will this fit a 1960 400 suburban? I would like to have one if i can find one. thanks The One in the middle?
  6. differences between a 1959 and 1960

    any updates on this? Did you get it ?
  7. how many have seen this?

    check out the white wall tires
  8. how many have seen this?

    heres a picture i found
  9. how many have seen this?

    i was browsing ebay ( again) and saw this-- item#251420119310. it a Lotus indy car and a wheelhorse push tractor. I'm not sure if i'm supposed to post a link so i hope the item # is ok. I just thought someone here might like it.
  10. wheel horse cart

    that's a pretty neat little set up there ( AMC rules ) I already get a lot of comments from my neighbors - as they have never seen such a little tractor before... HA HA
  11. wheel horse cart

    i'm headed out in the morning to get it. I just cant pass it up. I know if I let it go I'll regret it. I don't know if i'll get a chance like this again.Stay tuned!!!! . thanks, all of you who offered your opinion.
  12. wheel horse cart

    he's asking $200 . Everything is just difficult to find around here. I dont need one but if some one was interested i will forward the information.
  13. wheel horse cart

    hey all, I stumbled across this cart about 3 hours from me. can anyone tell about what year it is? He's asking a little more than i want but i don't see these at all. What would a good starting price be?
  14. New to the forum and tractors

    my grandkids rode my 400 suburban for the first time yesterday. 6 and 8 yrs old. ran for about 1 1/2 hours, until i had to make them go inside. my grandson and his father now want one of their own. they loved it. just remember that the suburbans engine is right their by their legs. so look at the lawn rangers first.
  15. i'm going to do my best to be there this year. I only have one ( 400 ) but i'm saving and have already put in my leave request. Looking for a few more to bring back to North Carolina. they are Extremely hard to find here.