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  1. 520H Fuel Tank Sending Unit

    I was sure I didn't throw it away, but my son said we used it cause the new one did not read right. We put the Wheel Horse sender back in. Sorry Ron
  2. 520H Fuel Tank Sending Unit

    I will check to see if I still have it
  3. 520H Fuel Tank Sending Unit

    I may have one. It worked during the summer, but I replaced the onan with a Kohler and all the gauges and sending unite
  4. '77 D160 - need float needle & intake manifold gaskets

    you can make your own gasket, much cheaper. I got my needle valve from cummins in syracuse ny. They make the onan motors
  5. the carb on the D 160's can get plugged rather easy. I had it happen to my 160 and after I cleaned and blew it out it still wouldn't run. I told a guy that had one and he told me its the carb and to reclean the carb. I took the dam thing apart again, soaked the carb over night. I reached down the carb and blew air in every hole I could find. Put it back together and it run like a charm. I had 2200 hrs on it and junked the motor at 2531hrs. It started to burn oil and I couldn't get parts for it
  6. D-180 and D-160 compatability?

    Every thing is pretty much the same, but not the motor or the electric clutch and they won't interchange, but you change whole the motor. It will hook up to the hydro. pump
  7. D-160 Wheel Horse Snowblower Question

    The D160 has the 2 exhaust mufflers coming out the front. The heat from the mufflers will warm the blower chute, causing the snow to stick to the chute.Put aluminum foil between the mufflers and the shield. and that should solve the problem. It did for me
  8. D200 engine swap?

    I don't think the electric clutch will work from a d160 nor will it work on a p220. I have a d160. It had 1900 hrs on it before it gave out. My father has a d 200 with 3100 hrs on it and it is still running. Hard to beat the Kohlers.
  9. Repowering our 520H

    I too have a 520H with the onan motor, which is shot. I checked out Honda GX 690 and Kohler command pro. I went with the Kohler, cause it has more power and torque.My mower deck is 60in. and I pull 60in. pull behind and I mow four acres
  10. I have two big D's a 200 and a 160. Rebuilt the motor in the 200 and junked the Onan and put a new Kohler command pro 25hp in it. Have two strong D'S now.