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  1. C160 automatic

    Well I was looking for the problem and thought it might be in the implement valve so I gently tapped the housing with a hammer and the lift started working again. I don't know if there is dirt or moisture in the oil. The weather was below freezing for a few weeks during the time the lift was dead but it is now warmer so moisture in the oil is suspected. I will do a full oil and filter change and hope the problem does not return. Thanks for the sugestions.
  2. C-160 Transmission Question

    Micah: This is an interseting thread since I have a C160 auto also. I have a hydro lift that will not operate but that is another story. I see by the photos that the direction lever spring mechanism is dirty. I would suggest since it is apart you clean, check, and adjust it if needed. The tractor will drift front or backward if the spring tension is out of adjustment.
  3. C160 automatic

    Hi folks. First time here. C160 automatic After many years of dependable service, one of the two wheel horses let me down. after 5 inches of snow last night I started the horse with the snowblower attached and found the hydro lift will not operate. It does nothing at all. The tractor will go front and back OK. Is there anyone that knows what the culprit is? Thanks in advance