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  1. D-160 WITH THE ARK - 550 LOADER! I HAVE THE MANUAL BUT Nothing about this Problem! Last year I broke the Hydraulic hose on the front of the front loader. By the time I noticed the fluid was pumped out. QUESTION: Would this damage the belt driven pump? Question #2: How can you refill and bleed the Hydraulic cylinders? Question #3: I was told an AIR-Lock can occur! How to fix that?? Question #4: Last question>: how do you bleed and is it necessary to bleed the lines and Hydraulic cylinders (as there are NO-Bleed Valves. Thanks for your help ahead of time. Seems everything happens at the start of SPRING!
  2. Broke a hydraulic line lost all fluid. How do you bleed the ( STARTING ) at point A to ENDING at point Z It keeps squirting the fluid out of the bleeder hole at the top of the filler. If I put fluid in and operate the controls someone always gets squirted ! Winter is around the corner I do move some snow with this thing. HELP PLEASE
  3. I have a D-160 Wheelhorse with a Hydraulic loader. Seems the two front bolts that hold the front axle on didn't have nuts on them and the axle fell off during use. Cutting the Hydraulic line. Lost all fluid. How to bleed the lines to make the system work again, Or do I need a new pump? Thanks Jimmy G Toledo area Ohio.
  4. Onan life exstending thought?

    Forgive me ! But Onans are not made any more because of the poor quality they put out for a few years and failed all their customers by doing so ! (Knowing someone has a different response to my reply) The P220 is top of the line JUNK ! I bought 3 of them in a 6 year span! for a skid steer! Had them rebuilt and that costs more then buying new! I need another one now looking for another reliable brand ! Most likely foreign !
  5. Automatic c120

    I keep losing the battery it is new. Not sure where to look. Weak battery and the tiller when I turn it on the eng dies. I am constantly putting this thing on the charger. (reserved spot in the garage)by the charger. Thought I would ask you guys for some advice! Thanks ahead of time JimmyG
  6. IN NEED OF 20hp Horizontal 1 1/8 Shaft

    Well my second Engine whent KaaaaPlewie ! Cranks/Pistons/Blocks Bad ! Needing a 20hp Horizontal shaft 1 1/8in for replacement! If anyone wants to part with a used one (PLEASE) Jimmy G Holland, Ohio Across from the Toledo Airport! Thanks Guys ahead of time. See Ya JimmyG Saving the old parts on case I can't find another engine ! No matter what I do it is about $1000.00 for another from what I am seeing.
  7. D-160 Limited slip rearend question ???

    The tires I have were on it when I got it ! Very large kleets they look like the ones on my skid loader but larger. (Tires dig in very nice) Sometimes too too nice! I think I will try more weight on the rear. I guess it doesn't help I have a bucket on the front. Okay (No - welding of spider gears) Looked for a lever for locking diff (No-Luck) Boy I sure do appreciate all the help guys THANKS ! Have a c-12 auto it handles much better then the D ! (I put ATV tires on it)
  8. I have a D-160 try to use in the garden but it is a pain! Seems the limited slip rear end causes a one wheel spin ! Is there a way to lock this into POSI with out welding spider-gears (and I dont even know if it has spider gears yet ! Don't under stand the limited slip reason on the tractor to begin with. I guess Wheel horse had a reason! Just looking for a way to lock it ! Thanks Jimmy G :omg:
  9. 3-point reciever

    Hello I am Jimmy G New to this site! I have a d-160 and a smaller one. I like your hitch! Can you give some measurements on steel I would like to try a modification of my own and pass it back if it works! Thanks Jimy g Holland Ohio
  10. Lift tube & Lift flag Question SnoBlower

    I would like to thank you (( ALL )) for your advise ! Now I can play in the snow! Thank You again. Jimmy G (Holland-Ohio)
  11. I have the blower and the lift tube, the Lift flag I believe is what is at the end. Now I have seen the pictures on the site by Sparky and I see a chain connected to (what ?) and the lift flagconnected to what ?<<<<<<<<< I think I am missing a part or two! Can I get a name of the part I am missing or measurements to make my own? Looks kinda simple to make. Thats what I like about Wheelhorse! ((((((( Simple but Logical )))))))) Can't figure out why the 12hp Kohler has more power then the 20hp Onan.! Then in the past... Seems like the 12hp Kohler should be classified as around 35hp just by the power it posesses. Hum Just an off the wall guess! I have a D160 with a front loader also but perfer the smaller tractor it can do more without a struggle! Thanks ahead of time> JimmyG< New here 2 days ago!
  12. Snowblower install pics

    I am new to this site as of today! So I am hoping this is going to Sparky! I am Jimmy G I have a snow blower mounting question please. On your snow blower install pictures the second and third picture where the rod with the flat steel hooks to the (Black bracket) I don't have that hook up on my tractor. Was wondring if you might know the name of the bracket or dementions so that I might make one. I had it all hooked up untill I tried to find out where to attach the long pipe with the bracket at the end then I gave up and put the plow on instead. Thanks Hoping I am not a bother as I am new here. Thank You JimmyG