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  1. Tiller model number 7 1211 7

    How would it need modified exactly I'm unsure of what I need to do to make it work my neighbor has a 520 and his tiller looks pretty much identicle to mine except the big pulley is single and mine is double Wouldn't it work the same only using one side of the pulley?
  2. What mowers is this tiller for someone gave it to me and was curious if I could use it on my 416-8
  3. 416 dead

    ok i will try everything you guys have mentioned if i cant figure this out does anybody know of anyone in north east ohio that knows what they are doing with these tractors that could help me in person or would work on it for me. thanks to everybody that has and will help i really appreciate it I am a younger guy but i absolutely love my tractor i had a cub zero turn before this and it didnt compare to the preformance of this tractor i wish i had half the knowledge of half you guys on here
  4. 416 dead

    here is the pic of burnt wire
  5. 416 dead

    ok will do.
  6. 416 dead

    and yes i got 12v from the coil with the key on
  7. 416 dead

    ok thank you
  8. 416 dead

    so possibly a safety switch????
  9. 416 dead

    i checked the volts and got nothing given i checked it right i believe i did there is power to the coil and power to the starter when we tried checking the power to the coil with just a probe light and had the key turned over there was a humming noice not sure where it was coming from sounded like under the battery also when this happened one of the lights came on on the dash i had two guys helping and they were stumped as to why there is power everywhere but no spark and why we cant get anything from the key. i also talked to a dealer that told me it sounded like a safety switch of some sort but said that shouldnt cause no spark but wouldnt say much else trying to get me to bring it in. i also noticed on the top of the motor towards the battery there is a wire that is burnt it plugs into a plate on the motor along with a few other wires not positive what its to
  10. 416 dead

    I also noticed I have no spark when jumping the starter is that normal
  11. 416 dead

    How do I check the v at the ignition switch I'm not very smart with this stuff but the last time I took a mower to a shop I got the tranny back in a bag so not to trusting in shops I have a multimeter
  12. 416 dead

    I found three of them and they were all good under the battery there is a spot for a fourth but there wasnt one in there
  13. 416 dead

    It is a 416-8 and 1990 I believe I have tried engaging and disengaging the pto and made sure it was in neutral and it has an onan on it
  14. 416 dead

    Additionally I have had this tractor a few years and the seat safety has not been hooked up and when I test the lights I get nothing
  15. 416 dead

    Used the tractor the other day mowed about half the yard parked the tractor maybe two hours later went out to finish went to start it and it was turning over then I stopped to talk to my wife then tried to start again and nothing acts like there's no battery but I know the battery is good tried an ignition switch and still nothing tried jumping the starter and it was turning over but couldn't get it to start I don't particularly know a lot about these so I'm turning to the experts on here please help as I need to get it going snow is flying thanks