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  1. 520H speed issues

    Yes that’s where I adjusted It
  2. 520H speed issues

    Update after messing with it for a few hours today I have it going decent in forward not full speed but at least it’s decent
  3. 520H speed issues

    Ok thank you I was told by someone they didn’t feel it was the pump bcuz if it goes good in one direction it should in the other sense it’s the same pump moving it both directions they felt it was an adjustment but that’s why I came here you guys know your stuff
  4. Picked up a 520 yesterday it’s an 88 engine runs strong sounds good but can’t get it to speed up any in forward it moves pretty good in reverse but puts along in forward have seen some of the threads on here about adjusting the cam and have tried that and seemed to help with reverse but not forward the pivot arm doesn’t seem to be moving much when in forward any ideas of how to try an adjust this?
  5. Kohler not wanting to stay running

    Ok will try that tonight and see. Thanks for the help
  6. Kohler not wanting to stay running

    That appears to be open it also seemed to run longer when I filled the tank completely full of fuel
  7. Kohler not wanting to stay running

    I’m guessing it’s a fuel problem but not sure seemed to loose power after it runs for a little bit
  8. Kohler not wanting to stay running

    I got this tractor for free so can’t complain it has a 12 hp Kohler on it from what I can see from the tag the model # is k301xx wore off after the 1 any idea what this is and how to keep it running it runs good for maybe half hour then just dies and have to let it sit then will start back up
  9. 800 auto

    Thank you all for the help
  10. 800 auto

    So the Kohler was original to this?? from the serial number I didn’t see that I may have looked it up wrong I’m somewhat of a newby but it’s a 12 horse kohler on it now
  11. 800 auto

    All of that was done from the gentleman that gave me this tractor he didn’t care for the auto and knows how much I enjoy these tractors so he offereded it to me and of course I couldn’t pass this beauty up
  12. 800 auto

    Thanks and I am absolutely keeping the kohler on it she runs good when she has fuel lol
  13. 800 auto

    I recently got an 800 auto and it was free given to me by a buddy of mine it’s in really good shape body wise and i got it running think I might need to add an electronic fuel pump doesn’t seem to be getting the gas it needs but it’s running from what I have read I believe it’s a 1971 and from what I saw the motor may have been replaced at one point because it has a kohler cast motor and what I read shows they came with Briggs am I right about this? The plate under the dash is 1 0450 6 772930 if anyone knows what this is exactly and what it should have had please let me know additionally if anyone has the manuals any and all that apply could you please send them to me
  14. Tiller model number 7 1211 7

    How would it need modified exactly I'm unsure of what I need to do to make it work my neighbor has a 520 and his tiller looks pretty much identicle to mine except the big pulley is single and mine is double Wouldn't it work the same only using one side of the pulley?
  15. What mowers is this tiller for someone gave it to me and was curious if I could use it on my 416-8