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  1. Lister Diesel

    Listers are great engines, they are built like a tank. Could not tell you the value of one since they are so scarce.
  2. MOLES

    I have not tried this one yet but thought that it might be worth a try. I don't have time to be at the house all day watching for moles but what if a guy would fix up a troutline of sorts with small treble hooks and feed it down one of their tunnels and tie the other end to a stake or something. Then mash down their tunnel and wait for them to dig back through it. Surely the treble hooks would catch something on their body and entangle them. I've got several runs that get used every day, but I'm not home when they run through them. If someone trys this let me know how it works out.
  3. Replace an amp meter with a volt meter???

    Good hunting there SOI! I thought about going the shunt resister route at first but was not sure of the exact voltages and current levels that the LED would be seeing in a parallel arragnement. All would be OK at current levels in the normal regions, but the circuit would not be reliable at midpoint, or right near zero amps. An op-amp would have to be used in that situation to allow the small currents to be measured and output to a suitable device.
  4. Replace an amp meter with a volt meter???

    Been thinking about this one all day. Probably the best way to do this is to use a current sensing amplifier along with the LED to allow for any variations in current and voltage levels. Would be more than just a LED and resistor, but should be very robust and fairly simple. The circuit would have to sense bi-polar currents and switch between a high and low output of sorts. I'm thinking a Schmitt trigger might work well for this application.
  5. Replace an amp meter with a volt meter???

    What about finding a way to hook up a bi-color LED to show charge discharge status. Have it show red for discharge and green for charging. i agree that some of the old guages didn't show charge and discharging conditions very well, but a bi-color LED would be easy to see and tell which state the charging system is in.
  6. Is the Series II the same as the Magnum 18 Twin or is that a totally different animal?
  7. Which model?

    Duff, I happened to be talking with the guy that owns the repair shop and he had two horses under tarps waiting to be worked on and this was several months ago. One was a Raider 12 I believe that was partly restored and needing a total rebuild of the deck and if I'm not mistaken this 418-A was the other one, and if it is, I looked good from what I seen. I've got a C-111 that was needing an engine and some serious TLC all around and just didn't have the time or the funds for that involved of a project. If I get this one (the 418-A) I'll be needing some engine advice and parts not doubt. The only thing is that I promised to get rid of the C-111 when I get the 418. A horse is better than no horse at all.
  8. Which model?

    You guys are something else. I did find out last night that the tractor is a 418-A, and although it has the non-working motor, it's free for the asking. I'll be heading up there this coming weekend and will try to get some pictures. My father-in-law said it had a nice deck and the paint was still good. I'm assuming that this model had the Kohler twin on it and not an Onan.
  9. Which model?

    I don't have any additional info on this tractor as of yet. Just that a man brought it in to the shop where my father-in-law works and they did some troubleshooting on it and he left it for junk.
  10. Which model?

    My father-in-law works for his nephew who owns a repair shop and he had one come in the other day. He didn't know the model but said it had a twin that one cylinder was not firing, that it was a bigger model, and it was a hydro and had some chrome on the muffler. :thumbs2:
  11. Which model?

    I got a description of a possible horse that has a twin engine and a chrome muffler. What models would that be?
  12. put a tractor together for grandpa

    That is a neat setup you did there.
  13. Explain this!

    I'll bet it's running on model airplane fuel. The nitro content will cause it to run like a diesel but without the black smoke and all. I have run a small briggs engine on model airplane fuel, just not without the plug.
  14. i bet its a square D brand Was back home this weekend and checked it out. It's not a Square D brand, it's a box made by Millbank. I forgot to check the exact model but you can go to their website and check out their line of products. http://www.milbankmfg.com/index.asp