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  1. New Wheelhorse Racer Video

    Here are some more videos for you to enjoy.. Thedford Race Part 1 Thedford Race Part 2 StoneHouse Race (was running the wrong gear ratio)
  2. New Wheelhorse Racer Video

    Thanks.... I had to hold my line or I was definitely gonna get passed.... On a 140 ft straightaway I can hit about 40 mph.. that's how it's geared...
  3. New Wheelhorse Racer Video

    Well.. I have one of those for you... here is me winning my heat race with the old intake and leaky exhaust... Heat Win
  4. New Wheelhorse Racer Video

    I modified the intake and got my caliper mounted...
  5. Wheelhorse Racer

    Check out heyMow, someone there could help you find a local club. I have about $1500 into my racer... I bought a lot of used parts. If I bought all new parts you could easily double the price. I like that I'm keeping up being that I don't have the money into my mowchine that others do...
  6. Wheelhorse Racer

    Well.. I pulled off another third in the feature.. but used up my mechanical brakes... so I'm replacing it with some hydraulic brakes off of a snowmobile.. I'm also increasing the gear ratio from 7.50 to 7.91 to pull a bit more revs.. I'm bogging in the corner.. Since I have a flathead, I am allowed to make mods to my engine where the oHV guys can't.. I was going to go dual carb but I can't find another #26 Kohler carb to use.. so I'm gonna make a new custom intake for the one carb I have... the log one on the Magnum certain isn't good for flow.. I'm also going to shrink the primary tube from the head to the secondary tube to help with bottom end.. This ole girl will be in the winners circle sometime this year.. Here is a video.... When my mechanical brakes heated up.. they stuck on so I couldn't catch up... that sucked.. I was pulling the pedal back with my foot but I couldn't get it to disengage... oh well.. I know I could keep up though... http://s25.photobucket.com/albums/c55/fox_...nt=modheat2.flv
  7. Wheelhorse Racer

    I'm finally getting to know how to drive this thing.. It likes to be driven in hard then hard on the brakes then right to the floor... Completely different from what I have been doing of getting off the gas early and getting to the gas early.. This thing likes to be driven like I stole it... B)
  8. Wheelhorse Racer

    The thing is that there are a ton of parts fro the Briggs so I will probably go that way.. Our club president makes over 50 hp right now out of a 22 hp block... it's an unbelievable mowchine..
  9. Wheelhorse Racer

    The second one was my neighbour.... he is a little rough around the edges.. The little rear engine is has an 18 hp Briggs -V Twin with a lightweight flywheel... He is very fast... but once I took his line and made him try to pass in the grass on the outside.. he couldn't get around me... I'm looking for a vertical V-twin for my mower.. this kohler is WAY too heavy and doesn't like the revs I making it do...
  10. Wheelhorse Racer

    Here's a link to the video... from two angles One View
  11. Wheelhorse Racer

    Here is a pic...
  12. Wheelhorse Racer

    Well I chalked up my first heat win on the horse.. and a 3rd on the feature.. I'm post some pics when I get them... I also qualified third.. it was really good day...
  13. My Wheelhorse Qualifying..

    It does seem fast.. but is really fun.. I suggest anyone gets into it.. I hope to get a first before the end of the year.. Next year might see a Kohler Command side shaft go in to replace the vertical shaft Magnum in it now...
  14. My Wheelhorse Qualifying..

    This was from the last race we had.. we got to qualify for our heat race... I qualified 4 out of 8 driver... and this is the new 3 inch exhaust I'm running.. it sounds pretty cool I think.. http://s25.photobucket.com/albums/c55/fox_...nqualifiing.flv
  15. picked up a couple of odd ball tractors

    All I can say is WOW Some people just have all the luck in finding gold... :WRS: