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    Well, I haven't posted a lot lately since life seems to have taken over. As many of you know, my son suffered a stroke before birth and technically has cerebral palsy. You would never know to meet him. We were lucky enough to get him enrolled in a medical study to help him gain use of his right hand through Virginia Tech and Carrillion Research center. He is one of about 140 kids from around the world to be chosen. He has a cast on his arm and hand he favors to force him to use his affected hand. We have had to move 2 hours from home 3 days a week. I thought it would be something fun for him to go get a cultivator from Limited12. Tommy has been a good friend for the last couple of years. When we got there, Emory wanted to look at Tommy's tractors. He really liked a couple of Lawn Rangers Tommy had. Before I knew it, Tommy and Emory were off talking about the tractors. They ended up flipping a penny for the tractors. Long story short, Tommy told Emory he would "sell" him both tractors for a penny! I couldn't believe how generous he was being. Needless to say, Emory was thrilled and can't stop talking about his tractors! I told a couple of girls I teach with about Emory's gift. One said, "That's proof that there really are truly nice people left in the world!" I know where a bunch of them are - right here on Red Square! I can't seem to get the site to let me upload any pics. I'll try again Sun. or Mon. when I'm back in cell range. Thanks Tommy for bringing a big smile to his face!
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    I was tiling a bathroom on a hotel recently and i had a few old broken tiles left over, so i thought rather than just throw them away i would put them to good use . Here are a few pics of what i managed to conjour up , The mosaic even has some chrome wheel nuts which i took off some plumbing fittings I thought i would use the display when showing my tractors at the shows
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    This horse was found upside down in a dumpster by my friend(tunaslayet). He brought the oil-covered 312-8 to my house with a crushed hood, broken steering wheel, and crushed center console. The hour meter read around 1000 hours, but the engine ran with little effort and the transmission shifted smoothly. I quickly began disassembling the horse and fixing/replacing any damaged parts. Sourcing a steering wheel proved to be a challenge, so i retrofitted a boat steering wheel which came out great and was very inexpensive. I cleaned up and repainted the entire tractor and freshened it up with throwback redo-your-horse stickers and fresh turfsavers. I initially began to set this up as the mower that it once was, but shifted my focus to creating a front end loader after my friends father hooked me up with a great selection of hydraulic equipment in exchange for a custom cabinet. I quickly found a loader on craigslist in Maine. The loader was properly sized, in great shape, missing most of the hydraulic components, and well built from PF engineering plans. I quickly picked up the required steel and began fabricating. Here is the 312-8 the day I got it. The loader on the day I bought it in ME. It is nested with a Kwikway that my friend (tunaslayet) purchased on the same day. We both sourced loaders in ME and took the road trip from Southeastern MA to pick them up. Very exciting weekend. Initial mock up of the loader on the 312. I sacrificed the attach-a-matic and welded it directly to the frame. I decided to modify the support trusses to allow for better PTO clearance and maintainability. I added a slight bend and welded a support gusset to add strength. The PTO and belts are completely serviceable without removing any components from the loader. The back of the frame is supported by 3/8-16 carriage bolts around the rear axle. The weight box is small, but designed to tightly hold a 220lbs stack of exercise cable weights. The weight box alone adds another 40lbs. Wheel weights will soon be added. Here are all of the loader parts painted and ready for assembly. Upgraded to a 520 swept forward front axle with gear reduction steering (Thanks Dennis!). I used trailer hubs instead of the 520 rims. After countless hours of wire-wheeling, grinding, welding, painting, and day-dreaming, my re-rehabilitated 312 is ready to do work for me. I just had to lift something for fun, so i threw my troybilt commercial walk behind mower in the bucket and took it for a ride. The loader lifted the mower with no effort at all.. I may try to lift my 416-8 for fun. Thanks everyone for the help. -Justin
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    Took Grandpa's tractor out of the shed for some sunlight after 2 years of sitting, nothing rare about this one other than it was Grandpa's, was a worker now a looker. Just thought I'd share some pics.
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    Found some old pics of my dad's tractors. Thought I would share a few. I think this one is possiblly a 704 or 854. He seems to remember owning a '64 model of some kind. Dad sold new Chevrolets and Buicks at the local dealer. That's a new '65 Impala in the drive and my mom's '62 Nova in the garage. This pic would be 1964-65. Oh, and that's me in the dump cart.
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    How many lawn tractors made today will be able or around to accomplish this 56 years from now?
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    This rusty peice of an 854 followed me me a while back. Missing most of the sheetmetal, and engine, I decided to build sort of a 1045 ish tractor with a fresh rebuilt k181 and some leftover 856 parts. Let me know what you think
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    My son got bit by the Horse bug, and I think he likes it!
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    It has been 36 hours since it last rained. One the longest stretches recently. The off season stable got a new roof this week and I had to move horses all over including the ones sleeping. Missing from the picture 418A (on loan to my new neighbor) Commando 8 in pieces being rebuilt. and 416 rolling frame waiting on a motor. I do not change implements anymore. No trailer queens here each one has a job, gets dirty and works.
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    Seeing so many of the good artistic or Wheel Horse themed pictures that have been put up in the I thought it might be fun to have an artistic picture thread. I know I've seen some clever photographers out there who capture fantastic moments in time. Let's see them! Members... if you like what you see, be sure to let the poster know by hitting the old "Like This" button over here on the right! I'll even get it started.... I don't have anything as fancy as Craig, but I really liked this wintery scene I took several years ago.
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    When I saw this tractor on a farm sale bill, I had to take a look. I have always liked the 417A, and this one is clean and has been well taken care of. I talked with the PO at the sale. He purchased it new on August 6th, 1986 and paid $3539.58 . He gave me all the manuals, tractor, mower, motor, parts breakdown, and other sales literature. It starts right up, no smoke, and runs like it looks. The tractor was this clean when I bought it, all I have done is load and bring home.
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    More (time) in the shop!
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    Picked up this nice 4 wheel wagon on Saturday. 2nd trip to Wisconsin in a week. Pretty stoked to add this to my collection .
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    Here's the story....I am a career FF, and I do part time landscaping, my own biz. So I'm in this parking lot...and I have my Toro Grandstand (cutting) and my old Wheel Horse 312 Hydro as a mule for my aerations. Both are shoved onto my 12 trailer. Random cable guy in his truck comments on it and asks me if I want another WH, he'd sell it to me cheap. I said, no thanks, I'm good...then he sees my Firefighter plates and asks about that...I told him I do that full-time and do landscaping part time. He then says...How about I give it to you?? WHAT??? Of course I thought it would be in horrible condition...but when I picked it up...I was completely surprised!! He sweetened the deal...he also gave me his Trac-VAC!!!! What??? He just had no more use for it, lives on 7 acres and has big tractors and toys....and wanted to give it to someone who would use it especially a first responder. So to pay it forward...I've been doing all of my neighbor's leaves free of charge. Just wanted to share!!
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    Better pull up a chair...... I used to go over to my Dad's house and he would be on the computer or out in the garage working on a tractor. Kept mentioning this thing called "Red Square". I didn't know what he was talking about. Some Russian website or something? Meanwhile he keeps getting more and more tractors. I would go over and help him work on them here and there. They were his thing. I had my interests also but at the time it wasn't tractors. Time passes and Dad keeps trading and dealing his tractors. He had gotten rid of most other brands and Wheel Horse became his thing. He gave me a 1056, 857 and a Commando 8. I tried to get into them but had a lot going at the time. They sat under the back awning. I would still weld up stuff and help him wire up things. One day I am at his house and he was Skyping with Stevasaurus. We were trying to get a 3 speed tranny back together. Dad had always talked about skyping with different people he had met on here. Not many but he enjoyed it. So more time passes and then so does my Dad. We had been working on the 418A that I now have, welding up a lift bracket. I didn't know that that would be the last time I got to talk to my Dad. He had a massive heart attack the next night at work. A week after he passed,that's when I joined Red Square. I talked to Karl and explained what happened. He let me have my Dad's password so I could go on and tie up any loose ends on deals that he may have had going at the time. I sat for hours reading his posts (and still have the bookmarked). I started learning things about the tractors I had, people he had talked to and things he wanted to do. So I have been on here now for almost 4 years. I have learned a lot and have met many nice people via computer. There is not a whole lot of wheel horse people down here in Florida. But I did get to meet RacingBob. I spoke to Bob one day and set it up for him to come to my house where I welded up his suburban hood. Right then I knew Bob was alright. Met a couple more around Florida in the past year or so. Bob however blew me away. I had sold an engine to Aldon but had no way to get it to him. Bob said "I can take it with me to the show". Well that is what he did. Not only taking stuff up there, but also bringing me back a stack of parts. Bob had posted a want list in the big show for sale/ wanted thread. I had half the stuff he was looking for. He came down to my house, picked up Aldon's engine and I gave him all the parts he needed for transporting my stuff. Bob asked me what he owed me and I told him that Dad would have wanted the parts to be used by someone rather than getting thrown out or laying on a shelf. No money exchanged hands. I did ask Bob to get me a wheel horse decal at the show. So then the big show rolls around and Bob told me he got my parts and we set up a day to meet up. I went today to pickup my parts and Bob got my decal out and handed it to me. Then he tells me he also got me a supporter plate from Karl. After that he pulls out this little cardboard tube. He starts unrolling something.......... You see, Bob took it upon himself to get in touch with Terry(Vinylguy) and he had me a supporter banner made with my Dad's picture and screen name on it. I was almost speechless. I stood there trying to keep the tears from my eyes. Didn't work. Someone that I met from an internet forum about tractors had went so far above and beyond and gave me something that I will cherish till I am gone. THANKS BOB! You are the man. I also want to thank Terry and his wife for making the banner and Karl for the plate. My Dad had always wanted to go to the big show and I planned to attend the last two years but things kept coming up and my tractor wasn't done anyways. Now I am shooting for the 2017 show and hope to meet & thank all of you in person. I thank you for the friendships I have made even if only from behind a keyboard. This forum and the people on it are what makes it so great. Thanks for letting me be a little part of it. Your friend, Richie
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    Well my wife gave me my birthday present early and it's the best present yet. Had to show you guys cuz I'm very proud to have it. It's a blanket of a couple of my favorite things.. My daughter and my 857..
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    The 2017 Big Show Parade was a big hit and "Wild Bill" Pearson did an outstanding job narrating the event.
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    I just had to post this photo! There is nothing more needed to be said!,
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    Decided to take a couple pics of the 1257 on my lunch break of the horse. Idled it for 15 min.
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    Every once in a while... make 'em earn their keep, right?
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    Here is the reason - a family history since 1961 of owning Wheel Horse Garden Tractors! My dad, my brother and I do this! I even got my wife Ruth to like one model -the 1958 RJ ! 1961 50 years later!
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    I came home with a pair of 420-LSE tractors today. I can't even believe I'm typing the words. Serial numbers 7 and 70 both have around 800 hours on them and aren't in the best shape but for tractors from 1986 that have been used they don't look bad at all.
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    For the first time since my back surgery, I had a little seat time on the 416-H with my youngest grandson. Both of us had a great time.
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    @stevasaurus WHERE IN THE WORLD IS STEVASAUROUS ???? WELL LETS LOOk @857 horse @953 nut @squonk
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    Hello! I joined this forum pretty recently and I'm probably not the typical forum visitor. I build scale models - usually 1/25 cars - and I've been working on an Electro 12 model. BTW, many of the model cars that I build are my favorite car and another South Bend native - Studebakers. I found this site while searching online for reference photos and manuals. It's a great place with a lot of excellent resources. Reminds me a lot of the Studebaker Drivers Club forum where the members have always been very supportive of my model building. Makes me want to have a real Wheel Horse (and a Studebaker). Anyway, this is where it all started: Probably not many people are more interested in the Wheel Horse than they are in the Indy Car but I'm building the tractor and may never build the car. The tractor in the kit appears to be Charger but after looking over this forum for a while I decided to convert it to the Charger's cousin - a 1969 Electro 12. I had already built the engine as it came in the box but I realized it wasn't correct for this tractor. This is what the first build-up looked like: So I stripped the paint off and did a conversion: The next order of business was building a mower deck since the kit didn't have one and what good is a Wheel Horse without it! I downloaded the manual for a 5-1422 (Thank you, Forum!) and started scratchbuilding. This has been a lot of fun! Here are a few shots from the build-up and the finished mower: The paint is Duplicolor Bright Red which is a GM color. I bought some IH Red at Tractor Supply but didn't really like the drying properties of the paint. The GM Red matches it very well and in fact I brushed on a little of the IH color as touch-up paint in a few spots and can't see the difference. Duplicolor is my preferred paint. It dries fast and hard. There's certainly more to come. I hope you enjoy. Most of the other major components are under construction right now and will be ready to post soon.
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    So ever since I saw the NOS 420 at the Danbury dealer and then again when Kenb bought his I have wanted a 420 LSE to complete my collection. It was a bucket list and typically if/when they come up for sale they are priced way too high. A member here posted that there was one on a local internet ad for sale and reasonably priced so I found the ad, called the owner and struck a deal. He is a member here on RS but not sure how active he is. Anyhow, turns out this was his uncle's tractor who was the owner of a Wheel Horse dealer in Michigan. He passed about 5 years ago and his nephew took ownership of it. The tractor was used as a daily mower to but 3 acres of grass and has 1500+ hours on it. It is not perfect but mechanically it is in very good condition. The owner was a stand up guy and was willing to ship it through fastenal. I could not be happier with this purchase. I picked it up a few days ago and yesterday took it apart, pressure washed, cleaned, scrubbed, buffed, waxed etc. I still have some tinkering to do to get it right. When I bought it I was not sure if I was going to tear it down and do a proper restoration on it but after cleaning and buffing it I decided it is acceptable to leave it in it's original clothes. Here are a few before and afters.
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    It's been a long process, and we reviewed millions of applicants and have asked @JimD @Terry M to help us moderate on RedSquare. Congratulations to Jim and Terry and thank you for volunteering your time to help with the forum.
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    So I had a tough day at work today, momma and the kids are away at the in laws for the week so I decided to pull the sr out, hook up the pull behind aerator, light up a stogie and crack a beer... I felt much better after and ended up doing somd mowing on the 520lxi. maybe someone can crop these pics??
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    Here's the first Wheel Horse I restored (finished earlier this year), a 1968 "500" Special.
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    The 1533 bearings have finely arrived !! I have them listed in my store in the venders section just click on my banner - I will also have these at the Big Show
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    First, thanks to who ever took and posted this pic, it's one of the best I have seen. So it's like this. As most of you know, I have advanced coronary issues. Next years show?? Yea, that would be a medical miracle. For the last 3 years, I have used this project, to basically stay alive. It kept me from just saying "screw it" and rolling over. Every day I had a reason to get up, a reason to live. Dad would be very proud of this piece, but, like me, he would have been even more impressed with the fellow collectors. A great bunch of people, unselfish to the max, and always eager to help and admire. I stopped twice on the way home and cried, I am so happy I did this, and was able to make the trip. I am very lucky and blessed to have met such a great bunch of people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a wonderful experience. Bob
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    I want to share a story. A couple of weeks ago a fellow was looking for a WH part and I had what he needed. We agreed on a price shipped to his postal address. He sent the money a day before I sent the package. I don't think either one of us were worried about being ripped off. Well I received the payment and he received the part. After the buyer saw the cost of shipping, he sent me a PM stating he was going to send more money as the cost of shipping was more than that of the item he bought. I said that wasn't necessary, as we had agreed on the price and I was fine with it. A few days later I received another letter with some more money for the part. This transaction actually happened on another forum, but we both are here too. I just wanted to say how comfortable it is to deal with folks here (and some other places) because we share a common interest and feel a closeness to one another even if we have never met in person. A really big thank you to all my friends here at Red Square and another big thank you to the mods and folks that keep this forum up and running!
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    I wanted to be the first to tell you that I have launched a new website that is appealing to the eye, easy to navigate, has an easy checkout process, and is user friendly to everyone. My new online store is Wheel Horse Parts and More. This is a new adventure for me and my web designers are asking for individual feedback as we continue to tweak the new site. In case you did not notice, I have made a slight change to my username, which is now "wheelhorseman." I invite each one of you to visit my new website. Here is a http://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com
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    Picked up two new machines this month 1955 Rj-25 1965 1045
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    Some pictures of my 1985 414-8..fully restored. Carb, Motor and Transmission fully torn down and rebuilt with all OEM parts.. All new OEM belts, PTO rebuilt with new OEM bearings and clutch. Frame and body parts and wheels sand blasted and powder coated. Hub Caps re- chromed New tires. Electrical harness repaired where needed. 48" Mower deck is brand new... Total cost for parts including deck..$4500.00 132 hours of exciting and rewarding labor... Good for another 40 years...(That's if i use it !)
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    One of the greatest features of Red Square is the outstanding support we have from our Moderators. One in particular is @gwest_ca. Garry has provided manual downloads to countless posters needing information and I want to take this opportunity to thank him. .
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    Last year after the WheelHorse Collectors club show in PA the club made the announcement that "Customs" would be the feature tractor for the 2016 show. Man was I bummed that I had sold the Rat Grenade. First thought was to build a copy of it or to buy it back. I really hate to duplicate some projects and ruin their originality though sometimes it happens. After some thought and a suggestion by my friend Terese Emmory LaPree- I formed a new plan. At first the suggestion didn't... interest me but the following day it sparked an idea. So thanks Terese!!! This idea of a project rolled around for a couple months and I bounced it off a couple friends and they seemed to like it so I decided it had merit. I have to give some serious credit to Kevin Townsend for his help in some of the chassis design. No doubt after a couple failures into the project he was most likely getting sick of my texts for help! He added his ideas to mine for the creation of this project so my Thanks goes out to him as well! Also Thanks to Michael Biser for supplying a custom built 8-speed that gave us some flexibility in the width of the tractor. Also Thanks to Lonny Eskridge for the D-series pcs involved.This is one of 3 custom projects that we will be bringing to PA in June. So I guess here it goes- Fellow WH enthusiasts here is what has been dubbed as D-Rod Its specs are as follows- 16hp Onan Performer, Biser WH 8-spd, 4 gpm pump,power steering,hyd 3 pt hitch,16in front rubber ,17 in rear rubber on BlackRock wheels. Chassis, body and driveline all 100% handmade with exception of the D-series grille shell and front inverted axle. D-Rod can also do a couple tricks-but I will show them in another post later
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    Well today was my B- bay and wasn't expecting much. I new my wife was probably going to have some family and friends over to ,eat ,swim ,and let the kids drive some horses and have some fun . So when my cousin told me he was going out to start the 753 I thought nothing of it. While I was eating some cake I seen my son on the 656 drive by. A little while later my cousin wanted to go out in the garage to see what he needed to fix the hood on the RJ58 . We're sitting there talking for 5 , 10 minutes all the while the 656 is running, sitting out in the driveway. That's when I look up and see the hood ornament ! It's not a 656 it's the 1075 I called on earlier but someone was there buying it . Well that someone was my cousin and my son . This thing is raunchy , dirty, and just flat out cool in my eyes. . I'm really loving these short frame square hoods . And to top it off I also got a tee shirt ( there's no mistaking who I am at the show ) ! Enough talking here's some pics.
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    you just gotta...take a chance. Recent C/L offering...C-160 sitting outside, unused for the past year, flat front tires, dead battery, no spark, below freezing, so the trans was locked up. Seller helped me push it up the ramps, and into the truck...once back home...was running, driving, and mowing within the hour after unloading.
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    What else does a retired guy hafta do with his time but make movies! We Got slammed w 18" last night Chucked this morn and probably will later this Eve. Nothing like more seat time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQKNiU3fOD4&list=UU7wuEBq4kYyHz0ytg3WDv2g
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    After 5 months of fighting this. surgery to remove 2 tumors, 7 weeks of radiation . After 6 weeks of chemo that almost killed me. I have been cleared of cancer. I want to thank my friends on here for the support. God bless you
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    Spoiler Alert !! If you still believe in Santa Claus, you should stop reading now. Many have said that this is the model that "They should have made". It's built from what I consider the best features from several eras. I give you the 595-HD ... The chassis started out as a C-195: The 520 hood was just a LITTLE short to fit the chassis: The 20hp Onan had to be relocated to keep it centered under the hood louvers: The gear reduction steering had to be stretched a bit also: Stock width wheels? Not exactly... 52" Hi-Vac deck converted from a zero turn model: Size comparision vs a stock 520: It's got to be real... The book says so
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    I knocked down some weeds this past weekend and Pop had to have some seat time, he had a great time and I got a break to stretch
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    Check it out! I found this RJ today as a lawn ornament. I knocked on the door and the guy ended up selling it to me for $200 with a plow and mower deck in awesome shape and all the manuals and receipts and even spare parts! I couldn't believe it. Hood has been repaired but its not destroyed, no muffler guard (typical), but its the original engine, belt guard, serial # sticker. Attachments are in remarkable shape compared to what I've seen. The skid shoes on the plow aren't even worn. Heres a couple pics, Ill take more tomorrow.
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    Finally Project Jr. is drivable this it before we test drove this beast She is ready to go after he over 20 year nap. tommarow the decals,different muffler,tuning and get the steeing wheel to fit on. How do i get the wheel to fit on the steering shaft it stuck on there but i cant get it off.
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    Beautiful night for trick-or-treating here. Happy Halloween!
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    Some of you may remember the sign I picked up at the auction a few weeks ago. After I got it straightened and cleaned up a bit, I decided to hang it on the Horse Barn. But the Wheel Horse lettering was overshadowed by the TORO name, so I knew I had to make the horse more dominant. So this is what I came up with. Was a fun little project.
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    This may be the wrong place to post this and if gets moved I will understand.I would like to thank you guys for your efforts.This forum is one of the best I have been a part of.This is is no small part to your efforts.You may think this a thankless job but I for one thank you.This place is a clean,fun and informative place to be involved in.This is in large part because of you.Thank you,JimAnderson
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    So, here are mine. Not many human interest pictures like Stevasaurus posts, but this is mainly to give those not able to attend a feel for the "sea of red" at the show. I'm not sure what happened Saturday, but my pictures were taken after we set up on Thursday, and Friday morning. The first couple are of our campsite. The "Maynard Hotel", with Zeek's hauler/camper in the background, and Brian & Jo's Wheel Horse hauler/camper. The "uptown" campers Karl walking his dog. Stevasuarus talking to Racinbob and his wife, with Steve's wife Kris talking to Terry (vinylguy) in the background Don Varos in red discusses pie. Vinylguy's setup before they moved him to the barn. Bob Maynard's Wheel Horse Stuff. Yup, that's my display. rwilson. wallfish. woodchuckfarmer, and Jake And then the rains came. Off came the shoes and it was swim time. These next pictures are Friday's. This year they had a safety seminar for tractor drivers 15 and under. Wild Bill had a course set up for the kids to drive. If they passed, they got a red wristband to say they were safe drivers. I think every one passed. No thanks Steve, I'm trying to quit. He worked at the teeter-totter all day and finally SUCCESS. And here is everyone that showed up for the group picture...
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