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    I live in what could be refereed to as a desert! You just don't generally see any listed for sale within a hundred miles. Low and behold I picked up a 418 C on that was listed as having a bad transmission only four miles from my house. Always wanted a Kohler twin and here I was picking one up in my own back yard. When I picked it up Tuesday I asked about the symptoms and as he described it I told him it was probably just a bad idler that had eaten the belt. I offered to let him back out of the deal but he didn't want to. This morning I had a chance to check it out and sure enough that is what had happened. Last spring I bought a parts tractor from Kyle @fast88pu and as luck would have it the belt and idler from it were in great shape so I didn't even have to leave the shop to pick up parts. The 418 has a great running twin, wheel weights, rear axle bracket for a snow plow, a good 48" SD deck and now I know it also has a good strong Eaton 1100, not too bad for $ 225. The paint and wiring are atrocious, but that will get taken care of in due time.
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    Cleaned up another old Simpsom loader laying around and mounted it on a 520H . I think it came out looking good. I have had at least 6 of these Simpson loader and I think they are great. all new fittings and hoses and stripped to bare metal, and painted, 125 lbs. of rear wts on each wheel, need to clean up bucket yet. It lift at least 7 ft. Love the 520's for loader tractors, easy steering and plenty of power.
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    What started out as a simple task of moving my 6-1/2' x 12' utility trailer to unload it's contents back into the Shed Repair Project after building a new floor turned out to be a really bad day . I figured the weight of the trailer and it's load was probably around 2,500lbs or more and the big D-180 should be able to handle it . Used the 3pt hitch and an adapter to lift the trailer tongue and off I went...until I got to the end of the north drive and the pump coupling on the hydro failed - badly . In hindsight - the trailer probably weighed closer to 4,000lbs the way it felt behind the truck ... Now , the trailer had to be taken off the tractor and put on it's jack ....which didn't work out too well loaded that heavily . Since the trailer was built with 2x3 angle iron on the tongue it decided to fold itself into a pretzel - despite the wheels being blocked tight so it couldn't move . It fell over and I had to use the HI-Lift to get it off the ground . The sight of the trailer falling over in the rear view camera on the Dodge is still well embedded in my memory - I knew that was going to be another large project . The coupling had an earlier repair from last winter's failure - so a pto pin was driven through the hole to get it out back to my work area to be fixed later . It made the short trip , but just barely and the tow valve was frozen tightly . As it turned out , the damage to the D was a much bigger issue..and cost 3 times as much in total . The pic doesn't do the damage any justice - that entire tongue was bent badly - Sand blasted , new tongue built and waiting for paint - Painted , as it sits now awaiting the lights , wiring and re-install the floor decking . All the while - got more work done on the D's pump problem . Found a great used pump , as well as a spare coupling in good shape . After a lot of machine work ($$$) we came up with a solution and everything was back together... After all this I found that both the original mufflers were completely shot and falling apart - so another project ... Bought a pair of 180* mandrel bends , two cone transitions and a pair of @jimkemp 8" mufflers (very nice, btw) . Fabricated the flanges for the engine's exhaust ports , as well as the pipes for the stacks - Spent a lot of time rolling the engine over on the starter to slowly prime the pump back up and finally , after several months - fired Big Ugly to test the exhaust before painting the stacks . No leaks from the hydro thanks to some new o-rings and backer rings from @pfrederi on the hydro manifold , that was a big relief . A bit shocked at the sound of the big opposed twin - somewhat like a Harley running on the choke or something - but overall not obnoxious or too loud .... D180 startup.mp4 If you don't want to wait for the MP4 to load - here's the YouTube link - I don't think the camera's microphone will show the sound too well , but so far I like it . Took a ride around the block , nice having this beast back up and running , finally . Now to finish that dumb trailer....pretty much wasted nearly the whole summer getting all of this done plus the hours at work . I'm about ready for a break but need to get ready for winter . Sarge
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    I’m in the midst of restoring a GT14 to her formal glory. And I keep reading that the 14 had her own set of attachments. So far the only attachment I have seen so far is the tiller. Can someone post some pictures of the other attachments such as a snow blower. Here are a few pictures of my restoration:
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    Hi everyone,I made a pair of skid shoes or feet or what ever they are called out of a piece of pipe and other metal. Here is the result.
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    The one is a 1938 model H and the other 3 are 1950 and 1951 model 5S pull starts. Not sure what I'm gonna do with them but that will come in due time I suppose.      
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    Might be handy for some smaller custom mods.
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    Because Don they figured if you were going to run an eight speed you were he man enough to run a manual lift!
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    Richard,,,,,thats battin a winner out of the park!!!!!!!! Maybe this will be your ride next June ,at the BIG SHOW......... I think while we are discussing Beverages, a Coffee Cup maybe ,WheelHorse head,,,,,,,,and the YEAR STAMPED ON IT !!!!!!!!!! 2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe all Black or Cotton White,, BIG SHOW SIPPIE CUP !!!!!! frequency of refills optional
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    I was in Rural King today in Terre Haute and located some pulleys that I had not seen in there before. 2 inch x 3/8 idler pulley and 2 1/2 x 3/4 drive pulley for RJ's. The pulleys are shown in photos listed as Phoneix Pulleys and you may be able to find in another store in your part of the country!
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    I use a 320 grit ball hone. I use whatever oil I have available. You are only cutting for about 45 seconds at 500 to 1200 RPM, and constantly moving the tool up and down.
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    Making the other fellow feel like he is the greater man. I know human nature is to sometimes be critical of the other fellow if we assume that he meant this of that without having all the facts, or without knowing his intent motivate or objective. It is easy to do. I have done it. Then basing off of an assumption that the other fellow is wrong and that he just could not possibly have simply no ill intent underling what he stated. So we quickly begin to criticize. Then someone else chimes in and jumps on the bandwagon an ups the ante further endeavoring to destroy his character distancing him from the group. Remember, if someone draws a "little circle" and draws you out... Just draw a bigger circle and draw them right back in. It takes a greater man to make the other fellow feel like he is the greater man.
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    And here it is, proven to work now. Wells #PS-122 http://www.wellsve.com/showall_ds_oil.php that NLA Toro oil pressure switch for the Onan engine? Or the Onan part that’s $159.00? Scratch that. This piece here ^^^ I bought at my local O’Riellys for $5.73. Yes, it’s a three terminal switch, not two like the factor, but... it works. Terminals 1 and 3 are tied together and work when oil pressure is applied. They disconnect when there is no pressure. Terminal 2 grounds when there is no pressure and disconnects when there is pressure. You have to wire a new ground wire from either terminal 1 or 3 and find a suitable ground for that, and then connect the black wire from the - of your hour meter to the either terminal 1 or 3, whichever you didn’t already use. Terminal 2 gets connected to your idiot light for the “no pressure” indicator. I can tell you that it all works as it should. Idiot light works and goes off when running and now my hour meter functions too. Very happy!
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    I hope to have the 953 from Ed finished by then and bring it. Of course if that isn't the case I have a few more 953s to pick from. The 418 is just going to be a worker for now.
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    Easier still, is to JB weld the holes closed... sand it smooth, and just run a tube in 'em.
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    Good advice on doing it over a garbage can or be prepared to have little nibbler pieces stuck in your shoes!!!
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    Great Buy Richard, now i know who rubbed off on me for Stealing them
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    The belts are listed on this page. Click on the picture or what little you can see of it. Garry
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    My first was a 73 8 hp and did the same thing. The belt guard tabs were not set at the proper clearance at the drive pulley. I don't remember the exact measurements but after I adjusted the tabs it would only rear up if I popped the clutch with a plow on the back.
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    It is a lot of work but is doable.
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    I have used a pneumatic nibbler for years, works great. Best advice I can give is to do your cutting over the trash can or be prepared to pick up the thousands of little nibbles on the floor; what a mess.
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    I have had no problem using only the 320. Remember, all you are doing is breaking the glaze, not taking out major scratches or grooves. A new set of rings won't seat into a smoothe, shiny bore.
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    You HAVE had a fun time with the "Big D" I dearly love them but when one breaks it can be a handful! Your exhaust is similar to what I have done to my 180 & 200. I used a muffler listed as from "Cub Cadet" they are very reasonable and with the throttle at speed the sound sends cold chills down my spine I love it!
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    that euro vendor is me.... restorationdecals.co.uk
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    I take it to mean: When there is a difference of opinion, rather than 'dig in' and ignore him or it . . . just broaden our thinking -- considering many more factors = bigger circle of input, and to not criticize their suggestion but to try and build on and respect it . . . even if it is wrong. Not many people are always right 100% of the time, if we "gang up" on one person when they may be wrong, we might eliminate any future input or cooperation, or worse yet, create an anti-social or destructive person like we're seeing more of in the news lately. just my 2¢, Glen
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    Ya know Red Hank might be on to something here with the belt guard/tab issue...do you have a belt finger that looks like this ?
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    Wow great pic! I see @Ed Kennell on the left, @elcamino/wheelhorse in the middle and @roadapples on the right!
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    My sister and her husband have 2 old John Deer riding mowers I guess both have their issues so they only use them as a last resort. The other mower ( the go to mower) yep they have 3 is a newer? Red Craftsman I don't yet know the model or the year but I will soon I think. This past spring for some reason the engine " seized / will not turn over all of a sudden". At least I think that is what she had told me. I know they don't have much money to take it to a shop so I offered to try to help? God only knows what I think I can do,.. but she is my sister and has been good to me over the years now she has MS and they really need some good fortune. I guess they will tow the mower over to my home (1/4 mile away) maybe this weekend then we will try to figure out what to do to get it going again if we can. Here is where the advice portion of my post comes in. Do any of you know of a good forum where I can ask advice as I delve into this engine. I really like Red Square but I think the management really wants only wheel horse talk here so that is why I am asking for advice. I think this is a Craftsman engine but I guess it might be a Kohler, but I really doubt it is but who knows. Thanks for any input I really appreciate it, Jeff
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    Don't cut anything over your bed! Those little half moon nibbles are sharp! Seriously, be careful cleaning up the leavings. Great tool though!
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    I kept eyeing that one Richard. I finally decided to pull the trigger the other afternoon and saw it was gone. Kind of figured you might be the seller. Now I'm glad you got it! I was drooling after that twin and was going to put another project. I'm glad you got it. Now, I just want to go for a ride sometime!
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    Backing up the hole with copper and then MIG welding is the way to go, The weld will not adhere to the copper and you can make several side by side beads to fill large holes.
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    Mice are unpredictable little buggers. I've had them leave droppings ON the dryer sheets left to keep them out. @&! $#&
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    Good deal on a great tractor. I'm sure you'll have it looking sweet soon.
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    Its made form 1/8" x 3/4" flat stock. 22-1/4" long. Top of the V is 16" across... bottom flat-ish spot is about 3/4". Makes each side about 10-3/4".
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    Got ya...BTW they do make C-161 manual 8 speeds. I see nothing above that clarified it was an auto...that is why I said "if". That M-16101 should measure 1" id x 5/8" height. The 1/2" height should do you OK...make sure the bearing is flush with the outside.
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    Chris, what fender brace are you referring to? I was thinking the 701 just used the two fenders bolted to the tool box.
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    I've had one of those for probably 20 years and never used it. I forget I have it. I think mine is called a Bad Dog Biter...
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    It is a C-161 twin automatic that has (3) M-16121 and (1) M-16101 drawn cup bearings that were original made by Torrington. Its the M-16101 bearing I could not locate and this forum has said is discontinued.
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    Is there any other local horse guys on here? It'd be nice to see more then just 2 of us little guys in the small tractor area!! And my tractors boring... so its really only McCool's. haha
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    With ABSOLUTE amazement.... I was working on the exact same starter today... A briggs. Talk about coincidence... Found o9ut that you can flip the 783 to put the worn side in.. I hasve 3 or 4 of these in my shop... Can you tell me the model number of this starter??? no numbers on it at all.
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    To my eye, the bearing on the left is much higher quality as there are twice the needle rollers. Assuming it's the original WH and has limited wear and as Jim stated it "feels right", I'd stick with it.
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    I also have the Deestones on my 606 rat rod and I do like the look better than the Firestone’s. They are a smaller tire and on a narrower rim so I don’t know how they would compare visually if they were the same larger size that I have on my 161.
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    Running 3 ribs on my 702, and also noted they pushed/floated climbing hills. Front weights helped with that. I'd also suggest looking at the Deestones. Much less expensive, and they look about the same as Firestones. These are the narrow version for skinny rims.
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    Looks like that one came from the Mehlberg collection. Nice score there.
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    Picked up a nice 520-8 tonight! Better pictures to follow. Is going to be my lawn mowing machine.
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    I have both on different tractors and love them. Both make the tractors steer very easily. Some have said the tri ribs are hard on their yard but I have never had an issue with them. The Vreds have a beefier look to them.
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    Dad sent me a few pics he took of the line up on Saturday morning. The shade was nice but not good for clean, sharp pictures... Lots of cool stuff!
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    I have noticed that not all S/Gs have the same size pulley on the Genny. I am guessing that at some point they were overhauled and a different pulley was installed. I have wound up with different belts on different S/G setups
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    Few years back I was driving down my road, a nice red CJ with a bikini top is coming the other way. Kid driving throws a big fast food bag in the ditch, I turn around and follow him, he pulls in the drive way of a very nice home at the golf course down the road. I go back and pick up the mess and put it back in the bag and drive back to his place and dump it in his front seat. It"s good to be an old fart some times .
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