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  • D-220 with loader

    • Closed
      Price: 2000
      Location: Rochester, Mn

    Here's the project thread:



    Basic details:

    1974 D-200

    3 point

    Rear PTO

    22hp V-twin predator engine (I'll have to check the hour gauge for number of hours on it)

    Exhaust stacks out the sides

    SEW flywheel adapter/custom stub shaft coupler for pump

    JD 5 port power steering column with power steering ram

    Cub Cadet super steer front axle (designed for power steering

    5 lug wheels/trailer hub fronts

    Ribbed front tires

    Maxxis ag tires

    weight bench weights.

    JD 420 PTO (currently uninstalled but wired) and correct adapter for 1" PTO

    Comfort seat spring

    Newer Toro seat with arm rests (has slide to accommodate different size operators

    Fuel tank on fender

    Electric fuel pump on switch.

    Factory throttle/choke levers with new cables for predator engine 

    All lights work and are on individual switches


    Hydro is strong and it pushes like an ox - it'll dig holes in dirt and sand with the rear tires


    Ark-550 loader - correct d series subframe and pump setup

    Lift arms replaced with new ones 

    -I have the old ones.  One has pitting and doesn't seal around the shaft, the other is fine and dosen't leak

    tilt cylinders re-sealed

    spool valve replaced

    New hoses from spool valve to first T-connection

    weight box (concrete filled)


    The electric PTO is currently not installed, it is wired up though.  I put a single pulley on the PTO shaft to run the pump for the loader.  I decided since I built this tractor to have a loader on it, there was no reason to have the electric PTO.  I positioned the engine based on this specific PTO.  Belts line up well for the rear PTO and for the loader pump with the electric PTO.  I figured if I ever wanted to take the loader off and put a snowblower or mower deck on the tractor I would have everything lined up already.  However, I do have it and it goes with the tractor.



    -There is a leak from somewhere in the power steering.  I've been tracking this down and think I have found the leaking hose (helps if everything is tight).

    -Brake pedal is disconnected

    -No parking brake - rod removed and spring holds the parking pawl in the disengaged postion

    -Motion control lever rubs on steering wheel if in the right spot - lever needs to be bent a bit more (just haven't done it yet)


    Couple pictures (do not show new hoses or lift cylinders):






    I really like this tractor and had zero intentions of ever selling it.  It is a project tractor, functional but still a project.  I have been using it to move mulch, compost, rocks or anything else that I didn't want to lift with my back or drag things around.  If it doesn't sell, I'll continue to work on it and make improvements over time.


    If someone is legitimately interested, I will get current photos.  


    Located in Rochester, MN 55906.  I'll work with a buyer on delivery/transport if needed.


    2200$ is the price.  I don't have to sell but I could use the funds for other things.  This is the only place the tractor is listed as of now.  Not on Facebook or craigslist, figured I'd give the group here first shot at it before resorting to the crazies elsewhere.



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    Should note, I'm willing to meet someone who is interested at a reasonable distance with a deposit placed.


    Clearing house to get down on tractors.  Won't have time to mess with them for a few years as priorities have shifted to more family orientated events.

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    Nice tractor. Maybe due to proximity to Christmas expenditures and tax season has impacted the interest.

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    Very nice tractor I'm interested but the price is alittle out of my range right now.  I travel to MN alot because that is where the corp office is located.  Transporting would be easy.  Wish I have an extra 2K.  It would look nice next to the 314 Hydro I have now.

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    Guess we'll bump this back up.  I have entirely too many tractors and am looking to get some shop space back.  This takes up the most room and I would like it to leave.  


    Reasonable offers will be considered, that doesn't mean offer me 1000$.

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